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GeekNights Tuesday - Jackbox Party Pack 3

Tonight on GeekNights we review the Jackbox Party Pack 3. You may recall our review of the first one, so listen to that for all the structural and general discussion of how these games work and why they're important. We're here tonight to review the games in the third one in detail. It's worth the price for Quiplash 2 alone. Tee K.O. is quite an experience, but requires more investment. Guesspionage is average. Fakin' It is a great idea poorly executed. Trivia Murder Party is as painful as it is awful. But overall, buy this even if just for the two great ones.

In the news, hanjo continues his journey to the bottom of Overwatch, and PaRappa the Rapper is getting a remake for his 20th anniversary!

Support GeekNights on Patreon! Rym's in there reading the novelization of Simon's Quest for you. The new GeekNights Politics Club had its first episode.

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    Re: Kaby Lake 4k, it seems that as of right now only the Kaby Lake chips are loaded with the right drivers and compatabilities for all the crazy DRM being used. The latest series of GPUs have the right hardware to do it, but, they haven't got the software DRM support yet. Apparently that can be updated in later tho so who knows when that will be real.

    Also gotta use Edge? WTF.

    Heres hoping Amazon 4k is also enabled.

    Either way, here's one of many articles explaining it in better detail:

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  • That's actually not a problem for me, except the not having Kaby Lake. I actually use Edge on my HTPC whenever I have to watch streaming video from a legit source, because compatability issues. For example, I'll use it when I go to to watch the RedZone because it just works better than in other browsers. If the 1070 gets a driver update that lets it play 4K from Netflix/Hulu/etc., I will consider buying a 4K TV.
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    FWIW, I bought the JBPP3 like the week it came out and played it the same day with some dear friends. Our experiences did not match yours.

    We kinda enjoyed murder party, though as time goes on the gimmick got kinda old and now it just seems slow.

    The over under surveillance one is also among our favourites though this one isn't losing its luster.

    The one about funny questions is excellent, though I do agree about needing a bit more time.

    TEE K.O. was worse the first time I played as many of us didn't do well with the ambiguous prompt. The second time and onward were excellent as we knew what was up.

    The one about lying is good 3 categories and anything having to do with facial expressions need be removed from the game. I think there is an actual game of skill in there somewhere but right now determining who is lying is either trivial s or impossible depending on the questions asked.
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  • A bunch of recent tabletop games have used "only one person doesn't know information" as a core concept.

    A Fake Artist Goes to New York

    Insider is inverted; a game of 20 questions where one of the non-moderator players knows the answer in advance and needs to evade detection. None of them are my kind of game, but I guess there's something in the air.
  • Quiplash sounds like a good one to make into an online game. I know you can't copyright mechanics, but I assume the questions themselves are copyrighted?
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    Starfox said:

    Quiplash sounds like a good one to make into an online game. I know you can't copyright mechanics, but I assume the questions themselves are copyrighted?

    But the Jackbox games are all already online games?
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  • I mean just that one. For free or something.
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    Or do you mean that you want it made into a website so you can play it for completely free? Because how it works now is that the license you buy is basically a server that lets you host games of Quiplash, so it's free for your friends.
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  • BTW you can just buy Quiplash by itself. You can also do this with Fibbage and I think Drawful. They're $10 a piece so maybe on a sale you can just get them for like $5. If you're just interested in those games it might be more worth it. Before JBPP3 came out I just bought Quiplash because that seemed like the only one worth owning from 2.
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