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GeekNights 061024 - Ubercon VIII

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Tonight on GeekNights, we bring you our coverage of Ubercon VIII. We are still lacking our usual audio quality as we await the delivery of our new compressor. Regardless, in the news, Lik Sang is no more, and Xbox Live is a den of sin.

And, I must say, not having a compressor really puts a strain on the flow of the show. We have to be a lot more careful about how we speak and approach the mics. I can't wait for the new one to arrive...


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    Was it not you who said that given the chance you would draw a penis any where you could? It might not be drawing, but it's as close as a talentless hack with technology can get.
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  • "..I don't need to say it Scott."

    I was laughing hysterically.

    Scott, you know how I know that you are gay?
  • Uh, Scott. "Investigatory" is a word. Nice save after the pronunciation stumble.
  • I actually read about Lik Sang on the StepMania website.
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