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New Car for Me

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If you want to see my new awesome car you can either

a) Be at my house.
b) Be in Rochester this weekend in close proximity to me.
c) Look at my blog or my flickr.
d) Look at this picture I resized to be much smaller.



  • Very nice, but I must counter with this: Flickr

    Yes, your Mario Cart has more power then my ride.
  • Nice scooter there. I've never seen one like that before. How far can it go before it needs gas? How fast can it go? Share all the important juicy bits.
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    It can go around 130 miles on a full tank of gas. It can reach 35-45 MPH, depending on how much wind is at my back and how much is at my face. It's 49cc, which I think is the sweet spot between not being street legal and needed a motorcycle license, so all I need is my normal driver's license.

    Edit: Just filled it while I was out. It gets about 1 mile per .01 gallons of gas.
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  • Wow.. That's not too shabby. If I end up working where I am or thereabouts longer-tem, I'd look into getting one myself.
  • I must vouch for Scott's car as being a very worthwhile purchase. Comfortable and roomy, and it's a very smooth ride.

    Just make sure you don't get the "ticket magnet" option if you get one.

    That scooter is the hotness, though it doesn't seem to have any hauling capacity. Doesn't seem like the sort of thing for grocery runs.
  • Yeah, Scott's car looks sweeeet. Shiny and sleek and awesome. Good job, Scott ^_^
  • Why are you complementing me? I just bought it, I didn't make it or anything. Do I complement you if you buy a nice loaf of bread at the store? No, I complement the baker. Buying is nothing to be proud of or complemented for. Can someone explain why people keep complementing me on the car? I redirect all complements to Japanese designers and engineers.
  • Wow. Scott, that was hillarious ;^)
  • Well I think they are complementing you on your good choice.
  • Ok, I guess it's ok to complement me on a good choice. But it's not really anything special. I always make a good choice.
  • "I always make a good choice"
  • I would laugh if that statement wasn't so incredibly sad.
  • Hey, leave the poor guy alone. He's obviously still high on 'New Car Smell' fumes.
  • Scott, I am indeed complimenting you on your choice and good taste. Waaaay to flip out there, guy. XD

    "I am INFALLIBLE!"
  • Apparently, though, being infallible does not save one from speeding tickets.
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