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Show Idea

edited October 2006 in GeekNights
I have an idea for a series of shows. It seems to me that most people here have an area in which they are pretty weak. For me, it's video gaming and RPGs.

Here is what I propose... a series entitled "So you want to get into..."

For my purposes, I'd love to see the following shows:
"So you want to get into hand-held gaming."
"So you want to get into console gaming"
"So you want to get into RPGs."

Other shows could include such things as:
"So you want to get into euro-gaming."
"So you want to get into desktop gaming."
"So you want to get into building your own computers."
"So you want to attend your first con."

The shows should be geared towards those that want to try something out, and aren't sure how to go about doing this. I don't know if I'd ever get into RPGs (since I've avoided them for my entire life), but it would sure be interesting to hear about them so I could make that decision.

Forgive me if these shows are covered in the archives, but I thought that a set series would be pretty cool.


  • While I think these shows are a good idea, I'm not sure how much use they'd be to the geeknights audience (except perhaps one type of geek wanting to get into another type of geekdom, eg an anime geek wanting to get into gaming). I think most of the audience (the forums at least) are at least a little into all the geekdoms.
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