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Emily calls Kilarney out.

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Bloody Hell Kilarney. Tomato, tomahto. You want Geeknights to be a loose, improv. spontaneous show of awesome, or would you like a couple of stuffed shirts reading from a script in a deep monotone? Spelling and Pronunciation are different can revise words before you send them out, but once something leaps out of your mouth its out there for good and there's not a got-dam thing you can do about it. I make tons of pronunciation mistakes. It was only recently that someone told me not to say Pay-TRON when I come across the word "patron." In other words, chill.

I really don't know what you are trying to accomplish here. Is your pointless nitpicking to make yourself feel smart? Are you really that insecure? Because all it really comes across as is severe dickery. Between your comments about underwear, which I found to be in quite poor taste (This is why everywhere else on the Internet I take great care to keep my comments and handles comfortably one will mention my undergarments, bastard.) and your other random savageries across the forum you are on the fast track to becoming a universally loathed personage.

Do you like the show? Do you like it here? If so, calm down a bit, eh?...because as erudite as you may think yourself, a troll is still a troll.

All those that agree, can I hear an aye? Tell this guy what he needs to hear.


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    Oh shit... the gauntlet has been thrown.

    EDIT: I totally agree with you though.
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    I agree...It kinda started out as a joke but it's on the verge of mean now.
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    Ugh. You guys missed the original point. (It's right there in the original thread.)

    I'm a terrible speller. (Thank God for Firefox 2.0!) Scrym made a comment that spelling is an indicator of intelligence. I decided to point out their numerous mispronunciations to illustrate that grammar is not necessarily an indicator of intelligence.

    As mentioned in the original post, I was fully intending to give this up having made my point. Several people encouraged me to continue... which is why I did.

    Your criticism is well taken, though. If it bothers you I'll cease pointing out the mispronunciations, despite having received different feedback in the original thread. I guess you didn't see the humor in it - if we can't laugh at ourselves... well... (And like I said, I'm the first to laugh at my poor grammar - and Mr. Period agrees!) I figured the first clue that it was a joke were the patently overly sarcastic posts. But oh well...

    As to the underwear post, I'm honestly quite shocked that you would not be amused. I truly thought it was really cool. Based on a lot of stuff Scrym has said, I wouldn't have ever guessed that it would be taken as anything other than an amusing post. And if you noticed, I never referred to your handle. The only thing that ever associated that thread to your handle was when you posted there.

    So the short answer is no... I don't think for a second that I'm smarter than anyone here. I just thought that we could laugh at ourselves. The only ones who actually questioned a user's intelligence were Scrym - if you look at my posts you will see that they served the opposite purpose. (By showing that smart people can make mistakes - but still be really smart people.)
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  • Hey! I always question Scott's intelligence!
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    I appreciate your apology. The pronunciation quibble was just the straw that broke the camel's back...It just seems that in your threads on the forum you seem to be overly critical and argumentative...perhaps you may be aiming at sarcasm, but many of the comments you make just seem like you are looking for a fight. I guess that is why I posted...I was like "If he wants a confrontation, he shall have one." Just like that. And you have always been polite to me, so perhaps I took umbrage on the behalf of the duo, when it wasn't my battle to begin with.

    The underwear was cool, and I think I probably would have reacted quite differently had I found them myself (I do like them!). I am just not used to people making such bold comments about my gender or sex life. Not just you, you just caught the brunt of my annoyance because of the other things you said...I got a few other comments by other users that made me go "whoa! hey!" Once I establish that I am a chick, and more over someones girlfriend, I get this kind of doesn't happen on other forums where I have a neutral handle. I was just making the point that I never name myself CuteGRL567 or anything like that on the internet because no one would make any assumptions that OH! SEX and PANTIES!! Like the nerdy guys who can escape the perceptions of society and become just a series of thoughts online, I like to leave "cute girl" in the real world and be "trash dog" on the internet.
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  • Aw man, I was hoping for a proper fight.
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