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What are our best episodes?

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Alright, I need some help guys. In addition to the Season 1 DVD we will be making soon, we are also making a promotional CD. The CD will probably be some sort of combination of audio and data CD that we can give away free at conventions and such. We'll also make the CD freely available either by download or snail mail so that other people can copy and distribute the CD to promote us if they want. Think of it as our flyer on a disc.

Anyway, on this CD, we're going to want to put some episodes of GeekNights that will really get people hooked. It's a CD though, so we can't fit too much. We also want to be sure that we cover all four nights of the show to give people the big picture. What episodes should we put on the CD? I don't listen to the show, so I need you guys to tell me which episodes are the best.


  • Geees, since day one.. ugh. How do I remember..
  • Some of the best episodes are your Thursday episodes. These are the ones that ya'll give in to the rantings more.
  • Hands down, the masturbation episode. (pardon the pun)
  • Hands down, the masturbation episode. (pardon the pun)
    I agree, this was a great episode
  • Hands down, the masturbation episode. (pardon the pun)
    What was the date on this?

    I liked the episode about stratego a lot.
  • Ok, courtesy of my iTunes list, hhheeerrreee we go!(in reverse order)

    -Burden of Proof
    -Atari Game Reviews
    -Clown Pistols (death scream!)
    -Why Ice Hockey is Awesome
    -All of Origins Week
    -The Vision and the Bamboo
    -Origin of FRC
    -Silly Table-Top RPGs
    -Hacking the Boardwalk
    -Our First Hatemail
    -The Rym Show/Scott Show (Neither particularly good, but funny to listen to)
    -Ultra-Violent Movies
    -The Freedom vs Safety Rant

    There! Hope that helps out =)
  • Hands down, the masturbation episode. (pardon the pun)
    I agree, this was a great episode
    The masturbation episode firmly grasped the shaft of quality and inserted it into a banana.
  • While that episode is just, uhh, bursting with hilarity, it's probably not appropriate for a promotional disk o.o And not really quite... representative of GeekNights as a show.

    That being said... lolcano.
  • The series how to attend a con was pretty good. Informative, funny stories, and relevant if being handed out at cons.
  • The masturbation one, that banana thing has scarred me for life.
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    I'd say pick the best that represents each night

    Sci/Tech - Don't really have one
    Gaming - Silly Table-Top RPGs
    Anime/Comics - Origins Week: Anime or The Zeal
    Misc - The Freedom vs Safety Rant or The Visions and the Bamboo or Hacking the boardwalk

    I really don't think you guys wanna promote geeknights with the masturbation podcast :p
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    The how not to suck at ____ episodes were good and they cover a wide range of topics. The toys of our youth episode was also a goody.
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  • I think generally every eps that starts with 'Man this eps is going to suck' turned out to be extremely funny. But again, I'm biased.
  • Some of my favorites have been:

    Monday-How a computer works 2
    Wednesday-Gag Manga Biyori
    Thursday-Hacking the Boardwalk or The Visions and the Bamboo
  • I really enjoyed the "Worst week". Very educational stuff, especially about Abraham Lincoln and haibius corpus. I love rants.
  • I'd say the 1st special episode (bargle bargle), but that's misleading to what GN actually is.
    Nonetheless, you HAVE to use that episode one way or another!
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