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Episode 57 - LEGO

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You wanted me to make new discussions for each episode, so here it is. I know that you people had the LEGO bug in your early years. What did you build with them bricks?


  • I had this bucket full of mixed up LEGO, which I'd mainly use for making other toys more fun, like building bases for my army men, or making interesting barricades for my slot cars to crash into, that kind of thing. I think the bucket is lying around my house somewhere, along with a bunch of other junk I can't bear to get rid of.

    I think LEGO Technic had the most impact on me, though. Making my own (customised) vehicles was hella fun. Just as I was getting out of that kind of stuff, I saw a bunch of kids in high school running battery-powered Technic vehicles controlled via computer, and I was completely jealous. I can't imagine what the kids these days (heh, I'm 24.9 and I call them kids...)are up to, what with the wireless computer connections and awesome electric motors around today.
  • Halo came out for PC multiple years after the xbox release, because it was oh-so-hard to port.

    The Technic sets were high-quality. I'm still proud of the mechs I made with those, especially getting chicken-walker types to stand up.

    Nowadays, they have the Mindstorm stuff, which is great if you're a kid into robotics, but it's kind of like the Gilette blades...just keep adding more expensive components and you can keep charging more. I thought LEGO(s) were plenty overpriced enough 15 years ago.
  • I had (I still have, probably) a goodly collection of the space and the pirates LEGO. These are the same pirate sets that contained spring-loaded cannons for shooting the little cylinder bits (or things stacked atop them).

    Inevitably, a great many airship variations were constructed over the years.
  • I propose that the next time we have a geekend, we all bring whatever legos we happen to own and construct some awesome.
  • Yeah, I was going to talk about Technic, but I forgot.
  • While I was in DC last month, there was a Lego store in the mall. It was awesome because i had this whole wall dedicated to spare lego parts. You can buy lego's by the piece. It was so pretty.
    It was also awesome looking at the dreading faces of parents who were dragged in by their kids.
  • Oooh. I'm going to be out that way for Katsucon. Mayhaps I should stock up on various gemmies ;^)
  • ah fuck katsucon is in DC?! my bf lives down there.
  • RymRym
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    Yeap ^_^

    I go every year with Scott Johnson and his crew. It's a mid-sized hotel con the likes of Anime Central. They usually get good musical acts, and the dances are arguably the best in the con circuit.

    Katsucon 2006
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