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    Im joan yeah,im 24 live in tokyo (for work reasons) and will live in tokyo until my work is done. I love to play almost everything video,read manga,and all that good stuff,

    I grew up in london and then moved to florida. (two words:sun burn) Where I got a degree on art and animation(3d animation). I worked on a couple of projects and got my "big break" when I meet a guy that needed a good animator..but in japan! 0_o So here I am on a a small roo...err house that has more video games than walking space well I also have a laptop,some drawing stuff and a tv but hey thats japan aint it?
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    I'm in central NJ. I work in the pharmaceutical industry doing cardiac research.

    I'm one of the idiots that uses hotmail. It is not my only email address, it's the only one I give out if I don't know you personally.
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  • Hotmail is teh_suck. I'll give you guys a Gmail invite if you want, but you could also do the "mobile sign up way"
  • invite me or die in a fire!
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    Hello everyone, I am Guregu. I use that as my screenname because that is how my name, Greg, is pronounced in Japanese. Actually, its Gurreguu but I just shorten it. I lived in Tokyo, Japan for four years while I served in the Navy aboard a ship. I had the chance to travel all over Asia, which was sweet. Since then, I left the military and have been majoring in Networking at a small school in Ohio. My geekeries include computers, gaming, science, books, comics and cars. This show has piqued my interest in Anime, so I will be checking out some of the titles you guys have recommended. I saw alot of Anime and Manga in Japan but for some reason I never got into it.

    I have been listening for about a month and I am hooked. I am trying not to lurk in the forums so you might see my two cents thrown in here and there. By the way, I was the guy that recommended the home networking episode, only because I wanted to here some of your tips. I hope you guys do a car pc episode in the future.

    Ok, thanks for the great show you are doing.
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    Bloody Hell, this needed an update:

    I'm Laurie James, I'm 14 19 so still at school, studying Computer Science at The University of Sheffield. I have been programming since I was 10 and am currently working on a game in C++ The game project failed, but instead I made several Portal maps, which did not.
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  • I'm Victor Ng-Thow-Hing. Born in 1969 - I'm probably one of the oldest members of the forum here. I'm married, have two sons (3 years old and 3 months old). Geek Nights is my guilty pleasure, Lost my other one. I work at the Honda Research Institute on humanoid robotics in Mountain View, California. I'm dual Canadian/British. I've been a long time fan of anime - back in the day when we would trade VHS tapes with no subtitles. My first "wow" anime (Megazone 23 Part 2). I mainly listen to geek nights to get a sense of what's new out there, while cleaning up the kitchen when everyone is finally asleep. With what free time I have between work and family, I do like to read graphic novels. I'm pretty picky with regards to anime, since I rarely get a chance to sit down and watch stuff these days, and of the anime I like - Ghost in the Shell (standalone), Cowboy Bebop, etc. - I can't really watch those with my kids. Great show!
  • Hi there, I'm Yuko. More people than that know me as Aido, and (as Rym and Scott can attest to) I am famous on the internets. I'm currently a disgruntled junior animation student at RIT. Within a month's time, I'll likely be a disgruntled senior animation student at RIT.

    I hung out with Rym and Scott all through my freshman year of college, and while they were gracious enough to let me live on their couch for a short period of time, I was gracious enough to feed a very penniless Rym for a span of a few months.

    Since the whole crew's visit to Tora-Con a few weeks ago, I finally started to listen to Geek Nights and have been listening semi-religiously ever since.

    I'm a decent anime geek, as well as a bit of a gamer geek and mac geek. In my free time (which is never), I play WoW. I apparently look like I'm 13, and got carded for the first time at an R-rated movie two weeks ago.

    Sometimes, I draw.
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    Im Paul, aged 23, and live in Dublin, Ireland.
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  • Hello all, I'm Brian Carroll

    I'm a filmmaker and storyteller and admittedly don't fall within the interest of any of the staple topics that are covered on GeekNights, yet I listen anyway without conflict.

    I know Rym and Scott through Aido - yet I know Rym a lot better.

    That said, good night!
  • Hello friends, I'm Clayton.

    I found this just by surfing through google on random stuff. I'm a big fan of anime and the first show I heard was how to not suck at being a fanboy and I thought it was hilarious.

    You guys a freakin' awesome although I bet you already knew that.
  • My first name isn't actually Steep. Nor is my last name actually Jettson. In fact, I chose the name Steep Jettson because it sounds entirely contrived. The rest of this post, however, contains only 100% factual goodness about yours truly.

    I am currently living just outside Philadelphia. My wife is attending dental school at Temple University. I work for a big four accounting firm to pays the bills. I do taxes for a living. It probably is as monotonous as it sounds.

    I love reading and literature (especially thick Russian novels), philosophy, snowboarding, running, cartooning and of course games. Eurogames have been my obsession for the past couple of years, but this podcast inspired me to get back into the video game scene. Now I just need to figure out how to spread my limited funds between video games and board games.
  • My name is Mike. Until I read digitalmonkey's post I was thinking I might be the oldest one posting to this thread, but he was born in 1969, and I didn't arrive on the planet until 1971.

    I've lived in the Chicago area all of my life except for four years in southwestern Illinois earning my BS in CS. I'm now working on an MS in Software Engineering at DePaul University. Classes happen in between my job (Systems Engineer at a company that makes medical x-ray machines) and my family life (wife & twin daughters).

    I dabbled in anime during high school but don't even remember the names of anything I watched. I was heavily into paper RPGs during high school & college but have since dropped out of those. I still have a heavy computer addiction as well as being into games. I like my video games on the PS2 or PC and my board games from Fantasy Flight.

    I found geeknights through Rym's & Scott's guest appearance on Movies You Should See and since then GN (all 4 nights) & MYSS are my top two 'casts each week.
  • Hiya^^
    I am a recently turned Sophomore in college in the University of Connecticut. I am studying Computer Science and Engineering and working on a dual major with Electrical Engineering. I found Geeknights via a friend irl. I think it rocks. I write in short sentences. See. I play videogames. I enjoy videogames. I moved to America from Iran when I was one, moved back to Iran at age 7, and moved back to America before Freshmen year in high school. Nintendo kicks ass. Microsoft sucks. Open Source FTW^^!
  • My name is Jørgen Bøckman, and live in Oslo, Norway. I love GeekNights both for the general geekery and for the rare insight to American culture that Rym and Scott provides in their own entertaining way. Here in Norway, as in most countries, most of our knowledge of the US comes from Hollywood movies, crappy TV series and news dominated by your president's foreign policy. It is very reassuring to listen to two intelligent and well informed US citizens a few times a week! Keep it up guys!

    My story of geekery:
    Just like Silverlock I was born in 1971. I grew up as a traditional geek. I got caught in the first Star Wars hype and disappeared into the world of C=64 in the early 80's. A friend and I spent most of our time making computer games (I mainly did the graphics). For years I just barely went outdoors to go hiking with the boy scouts (actually girls and boys together - a very nice way to learn about life), drive radio controlled cars and play role playing games and boardgames with my older brother's friends. In the mid 80's we developed a new fantasy RPG system that was actually published in the UK (it failed terribly, have any of you ever heard of the Mega RPG system? I thought not. Anyway, I was credited for test playing and some of the illustrations). Some of us still play a campaign that has been running continually since '87, still using the Mega system that is actually very good.

    I was heading for a career as computer engineer, but after a year at University I suddenly got fed up and went in a completely different direction. Since then I have studied traditional Norwegian folk art, archeology and other cultural and historical subjects, and have creatively combined this with practical crafts and live roleplaying games (LRPG). As a result I have actually worked as a blacksmith and other things that are rewarding only in a non materialistic way. I have matured somewhat from LRPGing and am now instead deeply involved with more serious roman, viking and medieval reenactment.

    I quickly found back to my fascination for computers, but it has only been one of many hobbies for the last 16 years. I have wanted to convert to Linux for several years, but haven't yet. I am currently building a silent cabinet for what is supposed to be a Linux file server. Oh, I am also a hi-fi freak, although low income has forced me into being an expert on making old and cheap equipment sound reasonably good.

    I have spent way too many years as a university student (I still am!). I love discussions, and am a member of the Norwegian Skeptics Society (Rym and Scott has done some great skeptic rants!). I am very active in other forums and don't expect to be very active here. That's all, I think.
  • I'm probably the second youngest person here next to Laurie James, at 16. I'm known in real life mostly as Meg, but everybody else in the world seems to have decided on a different name for me (Megaera, Meg-chan, Nutmeg, Megsie... Actually quite a few have settled on Megsie, but they all spell it differently, so I suppose it still counts...), but online, I generally go by Ikku. If anyone recognizes the reference, I give you a cookie.

    I'm more sort of an as-yet-unformed geeklet than I am a fully-fledged geek, meaning geek enough to confuse the heck out of my classmates when I so desire (which is often... confusing people is fun! ^.^), but not quite geek enough to be accepted by the elite into their fold. Mostly 'cause I'm lazy and decide it takes less effort to read the same webcomics over and over than to go and get up a few more levels or go back to teaching myself more coding languages. Wow... Too much of a slacker to play video games... That's got to be a new height for me in slackerness.

    Anyway, I was at Animazement in Durham last Saturday and noticed a flyer for some random thing called Geek Nights, decided it look vaguely interesting, and picked one up, which is how I discovered Scrym/Rott/Rym and Scott. The tiny, blonde, adorable four-year-old daughter of the French teacher and English teacher at my school's name is Rym... Or maybe it's Rim... I forget... Anyway...

    I go to a horrifically preppy private all-girls' school, where I loathed everybody with a passion until I found the friends that I now have today, who had formed the Anti-Sheep Movement, also known as Moo. Not that cows are much better than sheep, really, but the name stuck. Now I still loathe everybody with a passion, with the exception of about ten or so. Only now the Seniors are leaving, which is sad. TT.TT

    And now I'm rambling (again), so I suppose I had better move on... So... I'm not really to good at listing my interests and whatnot, mostly because they're never really consistent. I like Firefly and Serenity, though, and most anime. I was in Web and Graphic Designs I and II this year (and gave up my study hall period for II... miff...), and intend to take AP Comp Sci my senior year, and then either go into Comp Sci as my major in college, or go to Saint John's. I like Mercedes Lackey, Diana Wynne Jones, Neil Gaiman, Eoin Colfer, Douglas Adams, Jonathon Stroud, Tamora Pierce... If you haven't already noticed the trend by now, [insert fantasy/sci-fi author here]. I think Harry Potter is decent, but doesn't deserve quite that much popularity. I've got two-and-a-half cats, a dog, and a guinea pig, nobody else can wear my glasses because I have a really weird prescription, I'm the only one of my friends whose eyes stay a consistent colour (blue), and I frequently adopt British spellings, curse words, and/or mannerisms at complete random. I think Bush is either an idiot, corrupt, or both. I've lived in the same state in America my entire life, and frequently annouce my desire to go live as a hermit in a cave on the west coast of Ireland rather than stay anywhere in this country for much longer. I am both repetitve and chronically inconsistent, and my favorite sort of ice cream is Dublin Mudslide, despite the fact that I highly dislike both coffee and liquer. Somehow, when combined with each other and chocolate ice cream, they become Heaven condensed. I am neither Christian nor any definable religion, partly due to my aforementioned inconsistency. I'm a stickler for grammer and spelling, and frequently correct people when they're in the middle of speaking, but generally manage to refrain from doing so online. All my freshman friends (and some of the rest) will bring their papers, stories, etc, to me to go over in a red pen. I'm easily distracted, interrupt myself, and have been labelled on numerous occasions "absolutely freakin' psychotic".

    I could ramble on about absolutely nothing all day, but I'm hungry.
  • Ooops. My previous post went to myself. Such a geek!

    I'm Colin Kingston, the oldest person to post here to date. I was born in 1962.

    I work at Yahoo! and found Geeknights in Yahoo! Podcasts a couple of months ago. (Yes, I know Yahoo! Podcasts sucks, but I don't work in that section.) I enjoy the banter between Rym and Scott, as well as keeping up with what the younger generation is into these days.

    I am also a freelance writer and had the pleasure of interviewing Joseph Barbera for an article I wrote for "Cinefantastqiue" about the new Jonny Quest a few years back.

    Growing up, I was a classic geek but never really knew there were others like me until I went to my first Con. (This was the old days, before PCs, the Internet, video games, VHS, etc.) I'm not much into video games but I still have the first version of Pong and the box that it came in. At the time it cost me $50, a lot of money back in the day.

    I don't have much free time but I'm an avid Sci-Fi reader, baseball fan and Star Trek geek. I volunteer with abused kids and am also a polling inspector - make sure you vote come election time.

    Great show.
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    Evening, citizens.
    Name's Will, and I might just outrank Colin as the oldest, seeing as my age borders upon the very edges of time itself. I was born way back when the universe was still an infant coddled in the womb of God, all that was but a dark loveless void shaken only by the rippling fissure of creation. As a child, my father came down with a fatal case of the black lung and I was forced to take his place mining deep in the hazardous coal mines of North Carolina. The coal business is a rought sort of business, but I managed to scrape through and support my mother and 13 siblings until I was 19 years old, at which point the Great War broke out in Europe and I took up driving ambulances in Italy. It was there amongst the bloody wreckage of war that I first found love; my beloved Catherine. Shortly afterwards I had a near fatal brush with mustard gas and was bedridden for several months. Catherine left me for another, and I was forced to retreat to the comforts of the local cinematheque.
    I slept through most of World War 2 and took up painting during the conflict over in Korea. I was enlisted again during the Vietnam War due to a mix up in the drafting papers, but figuring the Austrians were up to no good again, I didn't complain. While over in Asia, I was captured and took a rather lengthy sojourn in a Vietnamese POW camp. Around 1969 the NVA traded me with some Russian diplomats for two Chinese prostitutes and a stick of Bazooka Joe.
    I spent the next 15 or so years as an illegal laborer near Moscow, raking stones for an overweight Russian by the name of Dmitry Ruschev.
    One night while I was enjoying a nice glass of vodka over at the Academy of Sciences, I mentioned to my drinking buddy Alexey an old coal stacking game I'd played as a child. Goddamned communist stole my idea, "invented Tetris," the turncoat. Petominoes, my ass. After the fall of the good old SU, I managed to barter a couple of my better teeth for a Visa back home to America, where I've been living ever since.
    More recently, I was attending Animazement near my hometown in Durham where I met Rym while he was making his rounds and did an interview for him. I think he later described me in terms of "the most horrid, backwater, Southern Alabama accent ever." He mentioned the name of his podcast though, so I figured I'd give the thing a shot. I've been enjoying the show a great deal so far so I figured I'd give this forum a whirl, see what's hanging.
    In more relevant terms, I enjoy nearly everything at least once (after that it gets a little tricky) and despite my infinite and intimate knowledge of all that is being, am currently unemployed.
    I also have a problem with lying. But I'm getting better about it.
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  • It pleases me that our show appeals to the taste of more mature folk, and not just punk kids.
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    Edited from what I posted ages ago, because it's been a while and I'm bored:

    I like learning things, pretty pictures, and stationary. I know nearly nothing of what's discussed in the forums or on the show, but like to pretend. I play the clarinet, and can, if forced, play the piano and bass guitar. I am currently trying to find enough spare time and concentration to do the practice UMAT tests. I live in Sydney, Australia, go to a selective high school, have parents and a brother. I'm Chinese-Malaysian, and can speak Cantonese but my accent makes it nearly indecipherable to anyone but my mum.

    I play soccer of Fridays (currently. Don't know how long that'll last), and am both anemic and vegetarian. If I play starter, I find that my blood-glucose level has dropped enough by half-time that I can't see more than 30cm in front of my face. Which is always fun. Especially when the swaying starts.
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    Hey - My name's Andreas, born and living in Austria. I get my money in exchange for doing 3D graphics and animation stuff. What brought me here is my passion for boardgames (mainly eurogames as usual in Europe) and you being mentioned on BoardgamesToGo (thanks to Mark Johnson). Your talking about technical stuff is quite interesting as well, as is your information on funny stuff that happens over there all the time. The only thing I'm not that much into is Anime - but you guys talking bout it is fun anyway.

    Keep it up ... I'm having great fun.
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  • The name's Chester, currently at RIT. Anime, gaming, making flash games are my interests, and there are some random ones too.
  • My name is Adam from Perth, Australia. Found the show on itunes and find it very entertaining. I'm a 30-year old dad, environmental science student, shop assistant (irrigation) and try hard geek.
    Keep up the good work!
  • My name is Robert, From Texas living in Korea. I am soldier in the U.S. Army, stationed in Youngson, Korea. I am a 21 year old. I am a bit of a geek but against the people i work with, I am a super-geek
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    My introduction does not matter.
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    Hello all.

    I'm from Portland Oregon. 32 years old. Long time listener, first time caller...

    I was huge into board games like Battletech when in high school. My gaming buddies all went away and their gaming glands shrunk and are pretty much dead at this point. Recently I've gotten back into them with a new group of friends. We like to play every month or so though I'm always down if anyone has a spare moment. Unfortunately I can't get together at night as often since I work graveyard baking bread for a local grocery store that, while a great employer, sells tons of homeopathic bullshit. Don't get me started...

    I have always been a video game player since my first sit down at school with the old computers that actually used cassete tapes as the portable medium of choice... (who's old school?). Then my family got an Apple IIc and I've been a member of the Apple/Mac cult ever since.. though recently they're pissing me off with all the drm shit...

    I play tons of console games. Not much to say about that.

    I like to keep abreast of the tech though not in a hands on way. I'm more of the "idea man" around work and with friends. If that makes sense....

    My main love in all geekdom has got to be 3D models of all stripes. It started with game miniatures then went on to N scale trains and other dioramas, into working models of ancient artillery and by extension and absorbsion of career choices cake decorating.

    This is a very brief overview... It's both way too hard and way too easy to write about yourself.... I could go on for pages and pages and still feel I haven't told you anything about me....

    edit- i also love just about all types of animation too...

    see? I'll always leave out something...
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  • Hello, I'm Carolyn from Adelaide South Australia. I was born in San Diego California to an American father and and Australian mother, I left the US and my dad when I was 4. And I'm now 22 and have been back to the US twice and yet I have discovered I can still vote in US elections. But am not allowed to pledge allegiance to Australia (which is fine because we don't have to) and I should do everything legally possible to avoid joining the military. Which is hard cause those ads are pretty convincing.

    ANYWAYS, I have just started listening to podcasts by looking through itunes, sites that list such things and suggestions from other podcasts I got the name of this one from one of those places. My friend says I'm not a geek I'm cult but I think labels are useless since they mean different things to different people. A friend of mine calls himself a geek and gets really mad when I call him a nerd. So of course I do it every chance I get and laugh at him.
  • That's the first time I've heard the word "cult" used in that context. Hrm.

    At any rate the handle's Phantasos because years ago I was trying to look for lesser known Greek Gods and Phantasos is pretty badass. For those unaware he's one of three brothers who give dreams. The most well known of these brothers was Morpheus who I couldn't take because then I'd be mistaken for a Matrix fanboy.

    The actual name is Kyle however, and I'm 24. I'm currently attending the University of Iowa studying Computer Science. In recent years I've come to the conclusion that I am a raging geek and have really always been, but I've never had a lot of geeky friends so most of my pursuits have been personal ones. I dig anime, video games (I just got a DS Lite!) and movies but have had a hell of a time getting my friends interested in any of those things. Fortunately I have a cool little sister 10 years my younger whom I am grooming towards full geekery with as little punkery as possible. Towards this goal we'll be attending Otacon this year (my first con ever, her's too) and I fully expect it to the 42 kinds of awesome.
  • Phantasos, I don't know, among some geeks there's probably a 50% shot you'd be taken for a Neil Gaiman fanboy.
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