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  • I've heard awesome stuff about him but I've honestly never read any of his stuff. I'll have to check out Sandman from the library sometime.
  • You should read 'Good Omens' its Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Very, very good.
  • Good omens? Thats an awesome book.
  • Yes, yes it is. I haven't gotten into Neil Gaiman but I'm a huge Terry Pratchett fan. If you're going to get into Terry Pratchett read Mort which is about death's apprentice or Wyrd Sisters which is a hilarious parody of Macbeth.
  • Hi, I'm Ted. I'm currently the RIT anime club Librarian, and I found out about this podcast at Tora-Con. Been listening since then, mostly on my pod on the walk from dorm to classes. I'm finally commenting since my summer has actually started (Damnable trips that take away internet, even if they do allow you to see your girl :) ). I'm big into Anime, Computers (CS Major), RPG's, webcomics and meta-geekery.

    I got the impression, as a young, impressionable geek in my first year at RIT, that the famed Rym was someone to know. I didn't actually get to talk to the pair while at Tora-Con, much to my displeasure, but I did get to watch a little of the podcasting panel, which was quite enjoyable.
  • was givein this web site from a both set up at conn con 06 and from the panel how to create a anime club. Currently a over the road truck driver(the big rigs 40ton) and yes some of us truckers are anime fans
    well thats about it for now
  • Greetings -

    I'm James M(atthew) Wallace, a part-time undergraduate in Paralegal Studies at Camden County College in Blackwood, New Jersey which is about 16 miles southeast of Philadelphia. I currently work full-time as a Senior Accounting Clerk at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, which has been my employer for four LONG years. I found Geek Nights by accident through the iTunes podcast listing after installing version 6.0.4 for Windows (I plan to leave Windows soon and buy a Mac mini in March) and after subscribing and liking the "Science & Technology" and "Gaming" feeds I have been a subscriber to the "All Geek Nights" RSS ever since.

    My hobbies include tweaking my Playstation Portable (though I REALLY should have bought a black iPod video), reading John Grisham, Frank Herbert, Game Informer and PC World magazine, visiting the Philadelphia Art Museum and repairing PC hardware as well as listening to contemporary jazz (George Benson, Jeff Lorber, Spyro Gyra, Dave Koz, Kenny G, Jim Brickman, etc). I'm also an avid forum participant in the Gamespot message boards (search for "jwallace") and check three times a day for any decent PSP news (not that there's much). I've just started dabbling in the anime culture, my first taste being the "Wild Arms: Twilight Venom" series (I'm a HUGE Wild Arms fan) and plan to explore more obscure pieces, perhaps "X". Because I'm on a tight budget I can't afford the convention-attending lifestyle that Rym and Scott has, though from the anime podcasts I am interested.

    I wanted to join the Geek Nights forum months ago, but felt intimidated because the forum seemed to be mostly engineers and IT graduates - who wants to discuss things with a Paralegal student? What I am though is a tight-budgeted geek, so maybe this will work.

    James Wallace
  • Hello everyone, My name is Jesse and I live in Pennsylvania. I am a senior in highschool and am going to college for IT and Business most likely at St. Francis university. I enjoy messing around with computers and sound. I am the section leader in my schools drumline and participate in Choral festivals. I hope that I can contribute to these forums and have a good time.

    Talk to you all sometime.
  • I'm Michael, from NJ. My email was read on GeekBack on Wednesday's Show, I'm the artist for the webcomic Abstract Gender. I just recently graduated from Syracuse University with an Economics degree. Let's see, what else to say... I'm a comic, anime, manga, computer, videogame, tech, somewhat Scifi/RPGs/and boardgame geek. So basically I'm listening to the podcast everyday. Gives me something to listen to while I draw the comic.
  • Hey, I'm Laura. I'm a second year industrial engineer at RIT originally from Oswego, New York. I have a passing interest in most geekeries.
  • My name is Taylor Curran from Setauket, NY and im going to Manhattanville College this fall to study psychology. I enjoy many different geekeries, espescially manga and video games.
  • Pirates are cooler than ninjas. I have no choice but to call you PirateNed.
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    Pirates are by no means cooler than ninjas. When is the last time you saw a pirate rip out the still-beating heart of his oppoet and then feed it to him? Thats what I though.
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  • How can pirates be cooler than ninjas when ninjas are already the coolest thing ever. You can't get any cooler than the coolest thing ever, like you can't have anything bigger than infinity.
  • Could god create something so awesome that he himself could not look upon it without exploding? Yes he could. That thing is a ninja.
  • My name's Mark, I've known about geeknights since it was started but only now started listening and joined the forum. I was born in early 1985, currently working on a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, concentration in Automotive Design, and a Minor of Japanese at RIT. I met Rym and Rubin my freshmen year via the anime club, and intermittenly hang out with them over the past few years.

    I enjoy intellectual banter, and one of my proudest purchases was a 1917 Harvard philosophy book I found for $2.50 in a used book store. One of my favorite jokes is the Flat Earth Society website & forum, created by a person to basically make fun of every arguement on the internet by hosting one of the silliest debates in human history.

    Also, one of my most important beliefs is that science explains almost everything, but it does not explain everything. Spirituality often offers the only explanation for the scientifically inexplicable, and in many instances I can believe spiritual explanations to be true.
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    Hey everybody, I'm Neal, currently in Roanoke, Virginia. I just found the podcast the other day in the Libsyn directory while I was looking for something to listen to, and I saw the name GeekNights. Naturally I had to download it, and enjoyed the discussion, so I downloaded as many others as I could and am currently sifting my way through them.

    I'm a student of Finance at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, a libertarian, and geek of many topics including anime, comics, manga, movies, games and now podcasts. I even recently started my own podcast, but since I don't know the ettiquete of posting the details here, someone please let me know. I hope to read many and have alot of great discussions with you all.

    If asked to prove my geekdom, I shall try my best to do so.
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  • Hi my name is Chris. i am a 18 year old film and sociology student in Southampton, England. i like comics, mange, films of all types, science fiction, board games, video games and computing.
  • Hello all.

    I am David. from Sydney, Australia. I found out about GeekNights through the BoardGames To Go podcast. I'm 24 and currently working as a computer programmer for the Australian Government.

    My main interest is in games, but I also wax and wane through other popular geek activites, such as board-gaming, anime and other that I can't remember off the top of my head.
  • A-yo,

    My name is Kei. I go to RIT and I study International Business, Management, and foreign languages. I've known Rym and Scott for a little over 4 years now. (Damn it's been a long time) And I must admit they made quite the impression on me. If not for them I honestly would never have known what a webcomic is/was/will become. I enjoy videogames, jrock/jpop, and anime. I currently have yet another job with the government, but I also work for record labels occassionaly and an other places.
    I wouldn't really classify myself as a geek as I am really using this to keep track of friends I haven't seen in a long ass time.
  • I am Chronocross_xp , A.K.A. Master of Time, or A.K.A, or Erwin Rosales. Well, I am 22 years old and I am studing Microbiology as George mason University. Well, what else about me, I know spanish (obvious), english (of course), and portuguese (what?). I like comics, anime, sci fi, and to read interesting stuff. In the mean time i just kill my time by working in a not very glamorous part-time job but what can i say, it pay my bills. I keep my brain entertain during the summer time by taking summer classes and writting some short stories.
    Well that is me in a nutshell.
  • I live like 5 minutes away from GMU...weird.
  • Wow, this is my third time writing this! :D

    Hey everyone, I'm Conrad, a stereotypical 20-year-old Computer Science major hailing from sunny RIT. I have no real tangable skills or talents, so my hobbies include generic geekery, knowing things about Japanese cars, and long walks on the beach, followed immediately by sex. I was the Secretary of the RIT Anime Club for two years, explaining my relation to our pair of podcasting personas, as well as most of the people I already know from this board. Oh, and I can play the guitar. Kinda.

    In a related story, I'm currently working at a Rochester-based telecom company, doing mostly PL/SQL work, but am moving soon to Austin, TX to work for a little company named AMD. Just in case you were curious.

    Let's having a good time on the internet!
  • This ain't your turf, boy. We don't take kindly t' yer kind here.
  • Yeah, if Y'alls can't send out a newsletter on time, how's ya gonna follow a fast paced message board such's this?
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    how's ya gonna follow a fast paced message board such's this?
    The same way I live my very life: a day late and with recycled content
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  • Well hello everyone. I'm Marcus Noble and I like to play an athropomorphic skunk on the internet. I fount out about Geek Nights at the podcasting panel at Otakon and have been hooked ever since. I like anime, manga, video games, wwe and tna wrestling and furries. I also have my own podcast which can be found here:

    It's the Skunk Smells podcast. I spend about half an hour every week ranting about stuff that pisses me off, and I play some podsafe music too. I even played one of the Geek Nights promos on my last episode.

    As for my current favorites, Anime: Witch Hunter Robin, Manga: Battle Royale, Video Game: Mercenaries, Playground of Destruction, Wrestler: A.J. Styles

    That's about all I can think of for now. I'll add on other things if I remember something.
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    My name is Steve and I currently reside in CT, USA. Unlike the majority of members here I am married and have a daughter.

    I'm an avid gamer (have been for 20+ years), programmer and game designer. I also work for the big evil Telcos...

    Speaking of which, Rym and Scott spread a little bit of FUD in one of their previous "Net Neutrality" talks... for any ISP to block access to a legally hosted web site (Google) they would be fined and sent to court over extortion charges (among other things)... Not to mention that their customers would LEAVE if they found out they were getting less then the full Internet... That's why they left AOl in the first place!

    I'm also an amine fan though I do not get to watch as much as I might like due to being married to a non-gamer/non-anime wife.

    I'm still going through a lot of the older GeekNight podcasts and I have to say I enjoy the way Scott digs himself into a hole and Rym tries to hand him a ladder but Scott keeps on digging instead!

    Well, that's enough of a tangent... I (until a few weeks ago) web-mastered for but had to give it up. I do still webmaster for the great podcast The Dice Tower (
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  • Speaking of which, Rym and Scott spread a little bit of FUD in one of their previous "Net Neutrality" talks... for any ISP to block access to a legally hosted web site (Google) they would be fined and sent to court over extortion charges (among other things)..
    ISPs aren't really obligated to provide access to any particular services or web sites. They routinely block or throttle certain ports, and are fully within their rights as businesses to block whatever they may choose. The point of the net neutrality debate is that they've always had this power, and now suddenly they're thinking of using it. Activists want legislation to take away their legal right to do so.
  • Rym, take it to a new thread and I'll talk more about this. Only thing I WILL say is that if an ISP was found to be throttling Google on purpose (or blocking Google) they would find themselves in court very fast.
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