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  • I um....prefer to not give out my real name, I'm paranoid like that. I'm going to college for IT and working on the weekends, so I'm pretty beat into the ground. I'm a Nintendo fanboy, but I have a PS2 as well as a Gamecube due to some funny circumstances, and I'm quite glad, there are some games that I would have missed without one. I found GeekNights via Anime World Order, and I like them both, but I think I might just like GN better, if only because it feels like I know Rym and Scott better due to the sheer volume of their output. I also listen to a half billion other podcasts, despite not having an mp3 player(I have a cheapo Sansa 512 MB player) and for about a year before that I took a bunch of mp3s and burned them onto CDs for my portable CD player that read data ones.....I'm rambling now, so closing, I cringe whenever Rym and Scott talk about Best Buy being evil, as I have worked in a BB for 5 years and am definately not evil. Anywho, love the show, keep up the great work, and I think I'll end this here
  • Hey Rym and Scott,

    This is DJ Jinnai, from Las Vegas NV (holy crap, gambleland!)

    You guys are funny....way too funny. Your podcast is one of my favorites. After hearing about your thoughts about the dance scene at anime cons, I had to step in and say that there are DJs that play nothing but anime/japanese music remixes. I am one of them!

    Here's my site so you can hear some of them:

    DJ Jinnai's Site of Randomness.

    Alright! Now you know someone out here in the desert! Hope to meet with you guys in some east coast anime con!
  • This is Laura (otherwise Sango to most of the Front Row Crew who forgets my name in between cons). I met Rym at ACEN 4-5 years ago and met Scott at Otakon the next year. I've met up with much of the Front Row Crew at several anime cons since then. If you haven't managed to catch them at a convention yet, do try. They're great people and definitely as entertaining as this podcast.

    I am a currently employed as government contractor in the DC area...although I'm seeking new employment that will utilize my shiny new Masters of Forensic Science degree from George Washington University. I am a pretty big anime/manga fan, enjoy boardgames, and am finally catching up on the many video games I've missed over the years.
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    Hi, I'm Logan

    I first found Geek Nights(my very first) from one of my friends 6 months ago and have been listening since. I have not yet met any of the front row crew. I have just discovered the awesome world of geekery and love anime, video games(am currently working through Final Fantasy XII)and like to surf the web, listen to Geek Nights, and find out cool tricks to do with computers in my free time. Your podcast is awesome. Keep it up!^_^

    Check latest update.
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  • My name is Patrick Campbell, from the small town of Geneva, Alabama (Hyuck!). Most people call me Pat. I'm 16 years old and a junior in high school. (I feel really young compared to the crowd.) I've been messing with computers since I was a tiny one. I messed up our family's computer so much by trying stuff out that the hard drive died (Because it wasn't a Seagate of course.) Anyway, I pretty much do all the IT work at my high school, cause the IT guy is a retard, if that shows you anything about me (and where I live). That's about it.

    (P.S. - I got a Wii on launch day, and only waited for 30 minutes at my local Wal-mart that opened at 7 a.m. like they always do. I was 12th in line, and our Wal-mart got 20 Wii's in. Go small towns!)
  • Hey Valentino here, live in the Netherlands, 17 years old, currently a first year in college doing game design stuff, heard about your podcast on some anime podcast. In my free time I'm either reading a book on programming, developing games, playing games, watching anime or listening to podcasts and anime/game music. I don't seem to listen to "normal" music much a lot. I think the last American album I listened to was The Open Door by Evanescence. And no I'm not goth or emo or whatever... I just listen to any kind of music I like. Let's see... well I've always wanted to play a table top RPG but I can only find one other person wanting to play one so that's never gonna happen. Anyway, great show! I'm subscribed to the all nights feed (and listen to all of them).
  • My name is Robert Render. I'm 42 years old. I'm an attorney in Washington, D.C. I've been a regular type attorney for twelve years (criminal defense, domestic relations, personal injury) but now I'm studying for the Patent Bar.

    My undergraduate degree was in Physics. I took some EE courses as well. My wife says I'm very geeky, but I don't have that much involvement with anime or board games. I think the last anime I saw was either Project A-Ko or maybe The Dirty Pair. I've never really played a board game. I'm much more interested in video games, especially Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Katamari Damacy, Mechassault and old coin op games. My main geek interests are probably comic books and science fiction.

    This summer I grew a goatee. I said I wanted to look like Spock in "Mirror, Mirror". None of my friends knew the reference.
  • Hello, my name is Justin Willobee. I was born in February 18, 1991. I lived in North Carolina for a large part of my life and i currently reside in Indian River, Michigan which is a very small town. The closest best buy, borders, Barnes and noble, or whatever(basically any form of civilization) is 2 hours away. There are no geeks in Indian River, therefore i usually end up watching anime all alone, never really get in to pc gaming unless its online, or roleplay. I cannot stand living here because everyone living here is a retarded hick that has never left the state and lack all common sense and intelligence. Im a Sophomore and cant wait to graduate so I can move out of this piece o' shit town. Areas I am considering to get a major in are: Accounting, Information Technology, or Computer Science.

    Areas of Awesome Geekness: Anime, Manga, Technology.

    I don't really post in any forums(mainly just read) but I want to be a regular here. Scott and Rym, you guys are awesome. I found your Podcast under links on the AWO website, and its one of the very few podcast that I actually listen to.
  • Hello... I'm new here, and this seems like a good place for my first post.

    My name is Dallas, I live in Australia and I'm currently an over-educated and unemployable Arts graduate with too much time on my hands. I'm also just about to go back and do my best to make the problem even worse by getting even more over-educated.

    I also enjoy all of the standard interests of your typical geek.
  • Hey another Aussie! And someone who is also spending their life at uni? What part of Aus are you from and what was your major?
  • Hey another Aussie! And someone who is also spending their life at uni? What part of Aus are you from and what was your major?
    I currently live roughly half-way between anywhere worthwhile and the middle of nowhere.

    I majored in philosophy and literature - I suppose it sounds kind of impressive to have two majors but, really, I just couldn't decide which one I wanted to focus on. Although, I'm going back for some more philosophy... so, I guess that counts as a decision. How about you? You're not another of us hopeless Arts students are you - there are too many of us as it is.
  • It seems safe to assume that there is no such thing as an evil Australian. I've met so many awesome Australians, none of whom are evil or bad in any way.
  • It seems safe to assume that there is no such thing as an evil Australian. I've met so many awesome Australians, none of whom are evil or bad in any way.
    John Howard. Eddie Maguire. John Laws. Tony Abbot. I could go on.
    I currently live roughly half-way between anywhere worthwhile and the middle of nowhere.
    OK but there is a lot of the middle of nowhere in Australia.
  • Hi! My name's Douglas! I'm a punk kid! Not really. Well, I hope not. I'm 16, I live in San Francisco and attend a private high school. I'm pretty much a geek in most of the ways you can be, although often I don't know as much as I'd like to about things. Many of my interests in geekery are little more than cursory, but they still exist. For example, I'm not really that interested in role-playing games, but I still know something about them, and I've played a little. I found this podcast through the Anime World Order podcast, because it was awesome when Rym and Scott got shot.
  • Hey, my name is John Wagner, but everyone knows me as JD. I'm just a Junior down south here in North Carolina. I've been listening to Geeknights since last May, although I never got around to reading the forums until this past month.

    I suppose I should bring to the table a bit of interest to Scrim: Due to your described Front Row Crew I have had the pleasure, and endeavor of starting a brand new club at my school catering to the very same clientele. Basically, I offer a medium for all aspects of gaming, be it PC, Console, Board¹, or card gaming (except Pokemon, and yu gi oh)². So far it has been quite successful—we’ve had a couple of Magic drafts, and more importantly, a LAN party. There about 10 people actually brought computers³, and I arranged for two projectors with 360s, PS2s for the rest of the crowd. If you're wondering, yeah, those games you kids seem to like so much, DDR and Guitar Hero, where there.

    Pretty much I’ve tried to emulate what is described as the Front Row Crew, (minus the anime, the Japanese Culture Club at my school has that covered) and I have ambitions to further my efforts by broadcasting my club and events to the whole school. Now all I have to do is figure out how to.

    Brownie points for who can figure out my favorite game. I'll give you a hint, my brother is HeavyCruiserLost. =)

    ¹ Settlers of Catan really turned me on to this genre. Conveniently, everyone who has showed up for my club meetings immediately falls in love with the game. Plans to proliferate the games use, and German-style, in future events are assured.
    ² Thankfully, no one has complained! I know I’m not…
    ³ I’m surprised at how many people don’t realize they’ll need a cat5 cable for a LAN party. On the other hand, I’m pretty far from proficiency with the back-end workings of dynamic LANs. Despite research, I still am not entirely confident in my abilities to run a 15-30 manned LAN party without some technical difficulties—save Murphy’s Law; yes, it is quite humorous.
  • Wow, I can't believe you actually used footnotes. Congratz and welcome =) I too am "the punk kid", I'll be 16 in about 6 weeks. And, by the by, it is spelled "Scrym".

    I just realized I've been a member since August and I still haven't posted about me in this thread. Maybe tomorrow.
  • And, by the by, it is spelled "Scrym".
    Blast you phonetics, you'll be the end of me yet!
  • Hey, I'm Churba, From Brisbane, Australia. I'm a Bartender by trade, have been since I was sixteen - Though I have done other things as well. For example, I put myself through high school from the tenth grade on, I put myself Through TAFE (And later, Taught Hospitality at TAFE) And I've worked Security, Among other things.

    I love ice-hockey, but Since I can't skate to save my life, I play floorball instead, Which is basically Ice Hockey, Loose the Skates and Ice, But keep the fights and brutal play. Oh, and Switch the puck for a ball. I Played Baseball till I was 18, and I'm a master of Pentjak Silat on the side.

    I've also lived in Ireland, Went to New Orleans(Pre-Katrina) and drank a bottle of Scotch on Bourbon street, Nearly got Deported in the States and "snuck" into Canada. I've been to cafés in Amsterdam and Drank Absinthe in Paris. I can order sandwiches in Seven different languages, And Curse in 19.

    And that's about all I have to tell - I'm not used to talking about myself, and this is the most I have in quite a while.

    Decent enough introduction, though, you think?
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    Hi all,

    I'm David, from Utah. I'm working as a commercial evaluator for a large bank. My wife, son and I just moved back after 4 years in California. We sure miss it!! It's so cold in Utah, I've spent most of the winter sick.

    I'm into WW2, Sci-fi shows, soccer (not any good at it), COD, and playing the Wii.
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  • Hey Rym and Scott!

    This is Dan, the former RIT Anime Club librarian. As I was browsing the web one day, "Front Row Crew" popped up in a Google search. I thought to myself "nah, it can't possibly be them," but I clicked on the link and sure enough it was. I'll have to listen to this podcast of yours sometime, but I just wanted to stop by and say hi.
  • Hi, my name's Darcy, I'm 31ish. I'm from the magical land of New Zealand where elves roam the forests and crabs can live as men.

    My geekeries run to a bit of everything but are prone to change like the wind. I think the first computer I owned was a C64 but it could have been a ZX Spectrum. Somewhere around the eighties there was definitely an 8086. Anyway, since early home computers could only be operated by teenagers, I ended up becoming an computer geek. Sometimes I miss dialing in to Bulletin Boards.

    I started role playing in the late eighties with TMNT and spent sometime as a LARPer in the late nineties. Sadly LARPing essentially turned me off role playing, I think the last RPG I played in was Changeling in about 2002.

    I played Battletech and Talisman in the eighties, Catan in the late nineties but only recently started wasting large amounts of money on German-style boardgames. I organise a small board gaming group that meets almost every weekend. I don't own any consoles but I like to play console games socially.

    I was heavily into Anime between 2002 and 2005 but now only watch a few shows a week. I'm currently trying to master the art of making Gundam models while reading subtitles. For a while I collected comics and manga but now just borrow them off a friend who works at a comic book store.

    Outside of my geek-life I'm what's called a 'Records Advisor' working for the New Zealand government. Essentially I keep track of information. I have one of the few jobs that involves both SQL and pouring over musty tomes in basements. I used to play the drums and sing but I'm not currently in any bands. I'm also about to start building my own house. I like climbing trees.

    Geeknights is just about the only podcast I listen to, the audio quality makes other podcasts sound terrible. I'm possibly the only person who listens on a MD player.
  • Hola

    Mi amo Josh. Mi gusto el podcast GeekNoches.

    That's about as much spanish as I know. So yeah I live in Austin Texas and I work data entry and stuff. I like anime, video games and playing outside in the big blue room. I hope to someday kiss a girl before I die and that's it. Also, I would like to buy Rym and Scott a beer should they ever find themselves in Austin. Thanks for help making my boring job not so boring.
  • Me llamo Josh. Me gusta el podcast de GeekNoches.
    How's that for a first impression? ^_^ Welcome!
  • You corrected my crappy spanish. o_O; Sail if you ever find yourself in Austin, I will buy you a beer as well. Or rootbeer or whatever if you don't drink. :D
  • You corrected my crappy spanish. o_O; Sail if you ever find yourself in Austin, I will buy you a beer as well. Or rootbeer or whatever if you don't drink. :D
    I'm 16 minus two weeks, so I'll be taking the rootbeer ^_^
  • Hi, my name's Darcy, I'm 31ish. I'm from the magical land of New Zealand where elves roam the forests and crabs can live as men.
    This statement made my day. Please come play with us some more...
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    I'm a high school girl from Southern California (specifically, I live near a town you've never heard of unless you've seen Little Miss Sunshine). I'm half Japanese and tend to ignore the Caucasian part of my heritage. People are often confused when they discover that I have my mother's last name and that my parents are not divorced. True to my Asian roots, I'm good at math and I play piano and violin, occasionally tinkering with guitar.

    I read far too many webcomics for my own good, which eats up a large part of my time. I also listen to several podcasts, and am in the process of trying to make one, though things are lagging in that department. I am gradually learning how to use the gimp, mostly through trial and error.

    I found this podcast through Aido's livejournal when her main site wasn't working properly. There was a link to the episode from Otakon where she along with several other podcasters were interviewed.

    And that was it. I've never gone back and I completely blame Rym and Scott for getting me fixated on Death Note (which is why a picture of L is my icon and I have L's screensaver as my background) and making me desperate to find a copy of Scott Pilgrim somewhere, which has as of yet been unsuccessful. While I am a student in name, I prefer to think of myself as a struggling writer, which is really complete bollocks.

    I tend to get into rather complex conversations regarding computers and DRM with my friends' boyfriends while they stare at us in confusion, trying to figure out what on earth we're going on about. To my shame, I own a Windows computer whose name is Darwin. And no, I didn't name it - my friend did.
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  • Hey everyone

    My name is Horacio, I'm from Monterrey, Mexico and I just joined the forum like 4 minutes ago.

    I found Geeknights while browsing trough the podcast section of Digg looking for videogame related podcasts, that was like 3 weeks ago and now I'm hooked the whole week is fun and entertaining and although my main "poison" is videogames I enjoy other things and I'm learning a lot about anime now.

    On the personal side of things I'm 21 years old, I'm on my last year of studying Electronic Systems. I work part time as a Tech Support on a medium sized company also I teach the Networking Lab at school.

    I guess that is all there is to it, hopefully you will be seeing a lot of me around here, either way I'll continue enjoying the podcast.

    Keep up the good work!
  • I found Geeknights while browsing trough the podcast section of Digg looking for videogame related podcasts
    Grassroots FTW!
  • "Grassroots FTW!"

    Sorry but... huh??
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