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Wal-Mart in league with Nazis!

edited November 2006 in News
Classicbri told me about this a few hours ago, I figured I'd share it here.

Seems like Wal-Mart has been inadvertently been putting Totenkopf skulls on some of their new No-Boundaries shirts.

Now, scroll down and look for a commenter named Marshall Manson. He claims to be a representative of Wal-Mart, and it looks like they're pulling the things off the shelves within the next 24 hours.

Brian went out and bought us a few of the shirts, and we'll be doing a little photo shoot soon. Quick, everyone! Go out and buy Nazi paraphernalia before it can be swept under the carpet! Then sell it on Ebay!


  • Awesome, I almost want one for humor's sake but I don't think the Jewish girl-friend would approve.
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