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GeekNights 061115 - Ex Machina

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Tonight on GeekNights, we return to comics with a review of Ex Machina. In the surprisingly anime-related news, the American Anime Awards will debut at the New York City Comic Con, and Dragon Ball Z will be remastered and re-released.

Scott's Thing - World's Dumbest Criminal
Rym's Thing - The Voice of Trailers
Promo - Anime World Order


  • Hm, doesn't appear to be up. I choose to blame Libsyn! D:<

    They're remastering DBZ? Geez, why? Isn't there already a cut AND uncut version out there?
  • I will say the true. I like Dragonball and if it is footage from the Dragon Box, there is a bog chance I will pick it up. Only, if it comes with the mexican-spanish track (the spaniard-spanish track sounds weird), and the japanese track, and if it comes in a slim pack with scouters :P
  • It's up just fine. ^_~
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    ...It is now.
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  • Love the things of the day. Though I think that when it comes to the guy that does the movie voice overs, we'll probably do like in Futurama and just preserve his head so he can do them for all eternity!
  • I've never understood how it is that in Futurama, 1000 years into the future, they have the living heads of celebrities from the year 2000 and earlier. D:? Even if you say that some sort of DNA storing bank was established immediately after Fry was frozen that doesn't explain George Washington or how they all retain their own memories. D: Also, it couldn't be a mysterious secret DNA storage facility that has always existed because Washington wouldn't have known about DNA...unless he did. Argh!

    I'm overthinking this, aren't I?
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    I'm overthinking this, aren't I?
    No, you're not overthinking it. I've thought of worse. See, Futurama takes place in the year 3000+. They have the heads of every celebrity that exists in the real world as far as we know. However, there must have been a thousand years worth of new celebrities born between our time and the fictional time of Futurama. Where are they? Where is the hit rock and roll sensation of 2678? Where is the famous movie director of 2254? Besides the world being destroyed by aliens two or three times I want to know more of the details of what happened between now and Futurama time.

    Yeah, kind of weird to ask for stuff like this from a show like Futurama.
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    I've seen the movie trailer guy before. I think it was on 60 Minutes or something like that. He came across as being really arrogant - but I guess that's part of his act.

    Now there's a guy who took up smoking - and made a ton of money because of it.
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  • Yeah, kind of weird to ask for stuff like this from a show like Futurama.
    Just a little. Nice to know I'm not the only one to whom all that stuff occured at some point in time. D:
  • "It's never too early for a salad" LOL!!!
  • The movie trailer guy is on a Geico TV ad. He was also recently on Extreme Makeover: Home Addition. For posterity, I do not watch that show. Mrs. Jason does.
  • I was so happy to hear ya'll do a comic. Is there more that ya'll are going to do?
  • Wow and to think something I said as a joke sparked a serious discussion.
  • Wow and to think something I said as a joke sparked a serious discussion.
    We're geeks - it's what we do. :D No one came up with a solution though. :/

    I'd love to hear more on comics too! Good ones! I expect you've read the Sandman? Since Scott likes Neil Gaiman and all. Uh, the Flight anthology is good too but maybe not Scrym's thing. Y: The Last Man? So many good comics, so many people to enlighten!
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