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Genericon XX - anybody know anything about this?

edited November 2006 in Conventions
I've just been invited by the art director to do some stuff at the con. There's only one issue...the con is at the end of January and their website doesn't have the details up yet.

Oh yeah, and it's in New York, which is a good 10-14 hour drive for me, depending on what region.

So, I pose the question to all you northerners:

What the heck is this con all about? Is it decent or is it shit? I assume it is small since it's at a college. But I'd like an attendee estimate or something.

What is its main theme...anime? gaming?

And what are your general impressions, if you have been there?

I need to know if it is going to be worth it to look into getting an Artist Alley table.


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