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Moving from Shared to Dedicated Servers

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I figure this is probably the best place to ask this question.

Right now I have a few websites on shared hosting plans. I'm finding myself reaching the limits of shared hosting AND my provider has been experiencing some problems that are affecting my websites in a negative fashion.

I want to move to a dedicated server for all of my needs.

Though I'm fairly good at PHP and mySQL I know nearly nothing about Apache.

I did host a website over my DSL line for a year on a Debian box in my basement but I never did that much with it. I'm worried about going over to a dedicated server because everything becomes my problem. I can't exactly complain to someone if something goes wrong because I don't want to pay someone $100 an hour to tell me I screwed up.

So, tell me, when you go to a dedicated server, just how much control do you have?

Do they tend to come with just a bare bones Linux install with ssh access and it's up to you to configure/load everything?

All I need is Apache, PHP and mySQL for my needs. Eventually I will mess around with multiple websites on the same dedicated server but at the moment, there is just one particular website I want to put there. The URL is not attached to a server at this time, it's just a DNS pointing record.

Does anyone know of a good company to go with?


1) I don't want to pay someone $100 an hour to tell me I screwed up.
2) I don't want to pay high


  • There was some podcast I remember hearing somewhere that talked about this sort of stuff. I can't quite remember what it was called. The episode in question is here
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