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A few Japanese handheld games

edited November 2006 in Video Games
We're alway sad about all the cool games Japanese people get to play that don't get ported to the US. Here are a few more to get upset about.

The best GBA titles you aren't playing.
Air traffic controller DS.


  • Interestingly enough, the Japanese web page for the air traffic control game says that it works with a "vibration cartridge." What's that?
  • It's the DS Rumble Pak. It's available for $10 at the store. I've got it, but only a few games work with it. Even when it works, it's not exciting. Mario + Luigi: Partners in Time and Super Princess Peach make the best use of it so far. It's nice to have the rumble sometimes, but it's not up to snuff with "real" rumble. You won't miss it if it's gone.
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