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Comics worth reading



  • I am a fan of the majority of the work done by Vertigo.
    100 Bullets
    Y: The Last Man
    are all pretty good. Personally I'm not really a fan of the traditional "Hey there you little guy" comic book heroes.
  • 100 Bullets - Meh
    Losers - Haven't read
    DMZ - Good
    Preacher - Great
    Y: The Last Man - Great
    HellBlazer - Haven't Read
    No Fables? What's wrong with you!
    Also, "The Unwritten" is the best new book from Vertigo. Everybody read it.
  • I don't like Fables.
  • I don't like anything.
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    No, that would be you ;)
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  • Hay Guys! Blacksad is coming out in the spring in a large collection from Darkhorse! Finally the third volume will be included (hasn't been translated because the company that published the first two trades in English went out of business.) Don't run away because it is anthro-art! It is an awesome-awesome French-Spanish noir comic.
  • Also, "The Unwritten" is the best new book from Vertigo. Everybody read it.
    And the trade still has yet to come out.
  • And the trade still has yet to come out.
    I have it in my house.
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    And the trade still has yet to come out.
    I have it in my house.
    Don't you live in different countries? Maybe the release dates differ.
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  • Today, I finally read some Walking Dead and Y: The Last Man. I also got the trade paperback of I Kill Giants, which I'm excited about reading. Has anyone else checked it out?
  • I just read Demo, which was pretty decent. Not nearly as good as DMZ, but a few of the stories were exceptional, particularly "Mixtape" and "Midnight to Six".

    I also read The Killing Joke for the first time the other day. It was pretty interesting, but I don't feel like it hit me as hard as it seems to hit everyone else.
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    A new Vertigo comic to look out for? I, Zombie. Great stuff...
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    Franken Fran is so effin' great. It's horrifying and adorable and I love it. Steel yourself and read the first few chapters. It's like if HP Lovecraft had a baby with Azumanga Daioh.
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  • Anybody read/liked "Global Frequency?" I bought it with DMZ volume 1, but didn't like it really. Right now I'm just waiting for the following volumes of DMZ to come out here.
  • One of my favorite comics coming out right now is King City. It's over the top and ridiculous and really, really entertaining. The backgrounds are much more fleshed out than usual (it takes place in a city and there's graffiti and signs everywhere and they're all different). It's kind of like Watchmen in that there are things in that are you don't notice at first, but it's much more up front about it.

    Other comics coming out now that i rather enjoy:
    Victorian Undead - Sherlock Holmes vs. Zombies
    Orc Stain
    Captain Swing & The Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island
    Hellboy and B.P.R.D.
    Irredeemable - A Superman class hero that goes all the way evil
    The Boys
    Nemesis (by Mark Millar, not the other one) - Basically, anti-Batman
    God Complex
  • I'm glad to hear someone else is reading I Kill Giants. I read it about a month ago and I thought it was very touching.

    Also recently I bought Justice League: Identity Crisis and HOLY CRAP that was an intense story. I heard about the story arc before and it's ramifications, but I didn't know how involved and insane the story really was. I recommend this to anyone that enjoys drama with their tights and capes style action.
  • I Kill Giants is da bomb. I think that the art looks a lot like a certain webcomic.
  • Oooh Powers, don't know how I forgot about that one but I've read the first few compilations and loved it. Would also recommend Atomic Robo if it hasn't already been suggested.

    This weekend I read the first Mouse Guard series, and was really impressed by it. I have heard some people write it off as childish, but I thought it was deeper than its lack or wordiness suggested. Yes, there are not many words on the page, so it would be accessible to a child, but I really enjoyed the artwork.
  • I was at Borders yesterday and this book caught my eye: The Stuff of Legend: Book 1: The Dark.
    The year is 1944. As Allied forces fight the enemy on Europe’s war-torn beaches, another battle begins in a child’s bedroom in Brooklyn. When the nightmarish Boogeyman snatches a boy and takes him to the realm of the Dark, the child’s playthings, led by the toy soldier known as the Colonel, band together to stage a daring rescue. On their perilous mission they will confront the boy’s bitter and forgotten toys, as well as betrayal in their own ranks. Can they save the boy from the forces of evil, or will they all perish in the process? The Stuff of Legend is a haunting and ultimately redemptive tale of loyalty, camaraderie, and perseverance.
    When I read that description, I knew this was instantly up my alley. It's like a dark version of Toy Story. The artwork is really good and the story gets you hooked.
  • @Ro Joe the Barbarian is kind of like that too.
    Having an overactive imagination can get a kid through a lot, but it doesn't change the facts: Joe's still the kid in school that can't fit in. He's the victim of bullies. His dad died overseas in the Iraq war. And then there's the Type 1 diabetes he has to live with. So is it insulin-deprived delirium or something much, much bigger that transports Joe to a land inhabited by all his toys - from ninja commandos to action robots to magical knights to star fleet captains? Is Joe really the savior of this wild fantasyland that's been held under siege by dark magic and evil forces? With the help of a samurai rodent, is he ready to take back besieged castles and win the freedom of an oppressed people? Or is he just an over imaginative boy who could die if he doesn't take his meds?
  • @Ro Joe the Barbarian is kind of like that too.
    Thanks, I'll have to add that to my list of things to check out.

    As for The Stuff of Legend, I wasn't wrong. I'm half way through the trade and I have to say, it's the business. Too bad there is no date on the next trade.
  • I read the first issue of Joe the Barbarian. Some people are saying it's great. It was ok-ish for me.
  • I've rather enjoyed it so far. I really like how similar it is to Calvin & Hobbes in that it's hard to tell which world is real (there's more on that farther in, but it's kind of spoilerfic).
  • Picked up The Stuff of Legend based on the recommendations here and having a look at it at my local shop.

    Don't think anyone's mentioned it, but The Codebreakers, put out by Boom studios, has been really good so far and I love the premise of a bunch of FBI cryptanalysts trying to find one of their missing "teammates." I've never seen a comic where the "super powers," if you want to call them that, are all math based.
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    Picked up The Stuff of Legend based on the recommendations here and having a look at it at my local shop.
    Awesome. Let me know what you think. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.

    I just finished the book and I want more. The characters transition into the world of The Dark is really cool, especially for Maxwell, the teddy bear and Jester.

    I'll leave it with the artwork from inside the book to hopefully get more people interested.

    Everybody read it.
    I also finished reading the first trade of The Unwritten. Good recommendation, Scott. I highly enjoyed reading this.
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  • ...having a look at it at my local shop.
    Where do you go for comics in Albany? Earth World? I've been to Flights of Fantasy and Zombie Planet, but those two have more gaming stuff then comics.
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    ...having a look at it at my local shop.
    Where do you go for comics in Albany? Earth World? I've been to Flights of Fantasy and Zombie Planet, but those two have more gaming stuff then comics.
    When I was younger and actually bought single issues as opposed to mostly tpbs, I used to go to Aquilonia Comics in Troy. When the original owner sold the store, combined with me realizing that most of the comics I had been reading were complete crap (mostly early Image stuff), I quite reading comics altogether. Later, after I got back into comics, I switched over to Earthworld because they have a great tpb section.

    Now, because I go to Zombie Planet for a lot for boardgaming stuff, I buy my comics there. Anything that they don't have, they can order, or if it's a lot of money, I buy online. One of the nice things about Zombie Planet is that if you get on their preferred customer list (no cost) the owner sends out coupons every couple of months. Also there are online coupons and there's usually a HUGE comic sale on Black Friday. Even though Earthworld is better than ZP, I guess I just have store loyalty because I like the owner and store more.
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  • People gotta be like me and go to DCBS. Pre-order that shit and get a huge discount.
  • People gotta be like me and go toDCBS. Pre-order that shit and get a huge discount.
    I've been using InStockTrades, but I haven't started with DCBS yet. Do they charge you when you preorder, or when your order ships?
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