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Steve-Con 2007

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If any of you are in the NY/CT/MA area I'd like to let you know that Steve-Con 2007 is going to be held on Jan 27, 2007.

There are several possible venues that may be used:

1) My house in Gaylordsville CT
2) Dragon's Den in Poughkeepsie NY
3) Wright Cards in Danbury CT

Location depends on expected attendance.

I've got a few old friends driving in and we plan to play board games, video games and possibly some RPG action.

If you are interested and have transportation please let me know.

PS: MAWS is the same day as this so if we go to Poughkeepsie it will be because of a low turn-out!


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    I'm terribly sorry for this seemingly immature post (not to mention off-topic), but how is it like to live in a town called Gaylordsville? I would assume that it's just like any other town and is named after a man whose last name was "Gaylord", but what are the reactions that you get if you ever tell anyone the name of the town that you live in?
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  • I didn't grow up here and as far as I know there is no animosity towards the name.

    The man was a real estate mogul and a rail baron.
  • Hmmm...

    I may have to rent a hall! It seems more people than I expected want to attend...

    I may see about renting out my church hall, which has a projector in the basement...

    Since this goes on the day after my birthday I may have a Wii set up on a 72" screen...

    Anyone else want to come?
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