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Mary Worth

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I actually read Mary Worth when I was in junior high school. I'm not kidding, I actually read it. I read it for about a year while they were doing some sort of murder mystery-type thing that would almost remind a person of "Murder, She Wrote" but not quite. Actually, I always kinda thought "Murder, She Wrote" was stolen from Mary Worth. I stopped reading after that one particular story arc was finished because it took way too long to tell.

I also read Dick Tracy, Steve Canyon, and Terry and the Pirates. I even went so far as to read Rex Morgan, M.D. and (God help me) Apartment 3-G. Before you flame me too much, please note that (1) I was in junior high school, (2) I lived in rural Kentucky, and (3) it was the late 70s. It was before Atari, before cable, before VCRs, and I didn't have access to a library or bookstore. Oftentimes, it came down to a choice of reading Mary Worth or playing cup and ball. When the string broke, you read Mary Worth.



    I shit you not mama-san, you are beaucoup dinky dow if you think you can hack the 'Nam. But if you need to go in country, I can sell you some number 1 ARVN rifles. Never been shot. Only dropped once.
  • Sorry to keep this up. Really I am, but I think this is funny: .

    Calling, faxing and email should all still work, shouldn't they? Unless Mary is going up the river to look for Lt. Kurtz. . .
  • You mean Colonel Kurtz. I know because I saw Apocalypse Now Redux a couple of days ago... the horror, the horror!
  • You're right. My mistake.

    But whichever he is, Mary will straighten him out.
  • You know, as I watched that film, I thought to myself that Martin Sheen's character should really have been played by a grey-haired female comic strip character of dubious entertainment value.
  • Mary loves him long time.
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