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A geekey cartoon.

Welcome to Eltingville "Bring Me the Head of Boba Fett"

This was sadly a failed pilot from Adult Swim back in 2002.

Tim Evanson ( from Washington, D.C. says (IMDB):
Although only the premiere episode has aired as of June 2002 on "Cartoon Network," "Welcome to Eltingville" is an extremely well-drawn animated series with sarcastic, penetrating insight into the geek-world of comics, fantasy role-playing and sci-fi movies. The series' three lead male characters each represent an aspect of this world, and are perpetually hounded by a nerdy, even-more-geekier younger (hence, ignored) kid as well. The dialogue comes fast and furious, and is scathingly funny! Anyone into comics, sci-fi or fantasy will find enough inside-jokes and self-references to fill several hours' worth of research! More! More! More! (And the theme song is to die for!)


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