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Thing you do before, after, or during new years

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Well, this might come a little crazy but I come from a crazy family. My parents come from the highlands of my country, so their customs are rather unusual. Since I remember my mother had always bought flowers so we can use them to bath before new years, I never asked why and through the years it kind of became a tradition in my family. We also eat 12 grapes after 12 o'clock and place many lemons in many different places around the house. It seems weird and I know that is weird but I kind of got used to it so I pretty much think I will continue in doing them after all is part my "culture".
Peru has weird traditions like that, one of the craziest is to wear yellow underwear( that is bought specially for new year, is not an old used one the you never clean is a new one), yeah pretty weird uh?
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