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The prodigal son returns! (With a DSLite)

edited December 2006 in Everything Else
(but I still love my PSP...)

I haven't been around much lately. A while back a had no time to listen to podcasts, so the 4 podcast a week was the first to go. Hell, I'm still at episode 38 of AWO, and I try and keep up to date on that one... I am now trying to find stuff that happened between the two of you that I haven't heard...

But yeah. I got a DS. I currently only have Children of Mana and Big brain academy (my free game). I am waiting fairly eagerly for FFIII to come out. I want to play a Castlevania game, since I don't really know that much about the series. Would I be better of getting Dawn of Sorrow or Portrait of ruin (when it comes out)?
I find the lack of faith-- Turn based RPGs disturbing.

I am going to try listening with some regularity from about this point on. Have there any 'big' episodes lately, like the how to not suck, they were fairly 'big'. I guess an episode where you just opened the Wii (Wii isn't in your spell checker!) would be 'big'. I'll look through the front page archive in a while, I guess.

Sorry for making a thread about nothing in particular, I just started talking, to let you know I was going to start listening again, and didn't stop.


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