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How to send files to Mac user

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I'd like to burn some avi files to a CD for a friend of mine. The problem is that I own a PC and he owns a Mac. Is there a way I can do this so he can read the files on the CD?



  • Depends on the compression codec, but since I'm assuming this is a movie you pirated from the Internets (Snakes on a Plane DVD rip, anyone?) it's probably DivX or XviD.

    DivX for Mac
    XviD for Mac
  • Or just create a standard DVD, if you have a DVD burner. That would almost guarantee compatibility.
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    Nope - no DVD burner. It's DIVX - and believe it or not, it's not a pirated movie.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the above links are so the Mac user can play the files on his Mac.

    My problem is that I'm assuming that his Mac won't be able to read a CD that I burn using a PC. The CD would be a data CD with the avi file on it. Am I incorrect?
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  • No, you're right. The Mac is better at reading Windows file systems then the reverse, so if you burn it, he should be able to read it.
  • Awesome, thanks!
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    Most CD burning programs now a days only burn data CD's in CDFS ISO 9660 format, which is both Mac and Windows compatible.
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  • General rule:
    PC--->Mac good
    Mac--->PC bad
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