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portable rom players?

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scott and rym want a rom player, who doesnt? i know i have a few: (suggestions)

[Gameboy Advance] I really wouldn't suggest this method, you either spend a few hundred on a game-cart (meant for GAB roms) and put a emulator on it. or around 80 bucks for a pirate cartrige with around 4 gba games and 70 nes games. WIKI:

[PSP] $250, its a rom player and a great media player too. WIKI:

[GP32] This system is totally off the common market. it was originally a taiwan-only system but it spread and is very well spread with around 3-4 versions. it uses smartmedia cards. mine will sometimes read my 128meg card or as it usually does, it wont. it came with 2 16meg games that i just erased. it has the same functions as a psp (minus the psp-compatibility). neither this nor the psp run gba games at more than like 5 fps (advance wars). WIKI:

[GP2X] this is the sequel to the GP32, it uses SD cards and is very up to date. it came out over the summer im pretty sure. it runs with 2 CPUs and has some good features. i dont have it so i cant give you a thorough rant. WIKI:

anyone know of or even have some others?


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    I just found about this thing yesterday. Definitely looks like it will do the trick.
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  • Here's a whole website dedicated the rom gaming on the ds and gba. It even links you to places that will sell hardware to do it.
  • that Gamespower50 looks pretty good, but i remembered this website that has directions to make your own portable nes-loaded system for around $100 (varies depending on game load):

    its a fun little project ive been trying to get into, its hard finding the parts though (for me at least).
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