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First Look at Lost Magic and Contact

edited December 2006 in Video Games
In an earlier thread I mentioned my recent purchase of Lost Magic and Contact for DS.

Lost Magic - Very much a run-of-the-mill Fantasy RPG with a quirky magic system. I have not played the game very deeply though I did check out the multi-player wifi system and was able to find an opponent.

multi-player: Basic head-to-head style battles. If you could adventure together it would be much cooler!

game play: Bringing up the rune screen is fairly easy as is drawing the symbols. At this point I only know three runes but... walking around is a pain!

The control pad is used to move the viewing area and not your character! You have to touch your guy with the stylus and then touch were you want him to move to. I have yet to get used to this idea as it is completely opposite of what I expect.

The rune drawing screen is transparent so you do not miss any action when drawing runes.

At this point I'm calling this game lame but after a few more hours of play I may change it to OK.

Contact - This is a very peculiar RPG game. For one thing, the instruction book does not tell you much, you learn the game as you play.

This game has drawn me in, it's a hard one to put down.

Unlike many games I know, this one allows you to have two active games at once. It's not a case of using different save slots. So, on my game cartridge there is one game for me and one for my daughter as she likes the game too.

There is a large amount of exploring to do and what makes it so good is that it is a game world that you have zero information about. You have no idea what anything is or what to expect!

It brings me back to the days when I first discovered D&D and would run from a small party of kobolds because of the way my DM described them!

I have no real idea of what the online play involves (yet) but once I get off this island and figure out what I am doing I will report back.

At this point I consider this game to have a permanent spot in my DS slot.
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