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GeekNights 070117 - Sanctuary

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Tonight on GeekNights, we review one of the best manga we've ever read: Sanctuary by Sho Fumimura and Ryoichi Ikegami. In the news, we're making a splash at Katsucon, anime clubs are doing well enough to attract mainstream news, and Japan is getting free comics in Comic Ganbo.

Scott's Thing - Turntable Imperial March
Rym's Thing - Japanese Spa Prank


  • Way to go guys , this one is early :D
  • Way to go guys , this one is early :D
    We made it yesterday. It's a secret to everybody.
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    [Edit] Completely ignore this post. I'm an idiot.

    Quick question, how can I read Sanctuary? It doesn't appear to have been licensed and I can't find scanlations. You probably mentioned where in the episode, but, ya know.
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    I applaud and tip my hat to you my friend. Because, I would have erase the post myself. You have guts.
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    I figured there's no hurt in letting people see my momentary stupidity XD
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  • The podcast is not showing up in iTunes...
  • The podcast is not showing up in iTunes...
    I see the episode is not yet appearing in the iTunes store. Weird. Oh well, all is well with the feed on Feedburner, so it must just be iTunes and Apple sucking again. It's beyond our control.
  • I'd just grab it manually but then it will not appear in the podcast area of my iPod. Apple should really fix that and allow people to add files into the podcast area without having used iTunes.
  • Strangely enough, looking to Amazon, there appears to have been a paperback reprint of the first volume back in 2004. Only the first volume though.
  • The feed was broken this morning when I woke up. Wordpress put all sorts of garbage in the enclosure, and furthermore created enclosures for every single link in the post. Feedburner thus choked on it.

    It took me a half-hour to re-sync everything after eventually just re-making the post.
  • I'll try it tonight. This means I'll have a Geeknights to listen to on the Friday morning drive!
    'Why did I teach him that word?'
  • This is weird, but when I left to work at 8:45 everything was alright.
  • I leave for work around 7:00am Eastern Time. I'd fixed it around then.

    Also, the Wednesday night feed was fine for some reason.
  • You realize that it takes about 12 to 24 hours for a new episode to appear on the iTunes page, right?
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    I managed to find volumes 2, 3, 4, 8, and 9 at Katsucon this year. I found volume 1 there last year. Anyway I just read up through volume 4, and I NEED to read the rest. Seriously. I never imagined how good this manga would get just by volume 4. I couldn't find 5-7 on either Amazon or eBay, anyone know anywhere else I might be able to find them?

    Edit: Actually just found 5 and 6 on Barnes and Nobles website so now I just need 7.
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  • 7 is impossible to find compared to the rest. I had to torrent that volume.
  • I saw I think volumes 1-6 or 1-7 for sale at my local game shop, actually. I almost bought them, but didn't have enough money at the time. Also, despite knowing that they're objectively awesome, I don't know if I enjoy yakuza stories in general enough to want to spend that kind of money on them. I think I'd have to read through a volume or two first and see.
  • We appreciate your enthusiasm but anyone can just get it off bittorent and I think you're breaking the forum rules by posting links to copyrighted material.
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    We appreciate your enthusiasm but anyone can just get it off bittorent and I think you're breaking the forum rules by posting links to copyrighted material.
    Uhh, we only have three rules.
    # Be mindful of your grammar and spelling.

    # Post intelligently

    # Don't be annoying.
    And besides, we constantly break copyright by posting images and Bear Police illegally links to music all the time. Plus, Rym and Scott are huge pirates themselves so I seriously doubt they would have a problem with the link. In addition, this manga is fucking hard to get a hold of.

    Not to say this sort of thing should become common practice, but for something this difficult to acquire his post seems justified and I seriously doubt that copyright is really an issue with teh mods.

    Anyway, I appreciate it, Lordwoubobo.
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    Ok, Excellent. I'll keep that in mind. I've added to my list of projects for the distant future "Make Sanctuary radio adaptation.".
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    I shed a tear for Chiaki Asami and his dream.
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    I've been following this through Trans-Pacific Radio's politics podcast and whether or not the new government lasts more than six months remains to be seen. That said, for the first time, Japan will have a two party system and the LDP won't be able to just force things through using it's 2/3rds majority.
    One of the effects of this is that the LDP may become so splintered, through it's defeat, that it will reform as a much more coherent party in the long run.
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  • Join the rest of Japan in rejoicing that one group of old, power-hungry and corrupt men has been replaced with an almost identical group (heck, they were the same party until 1996) of old, power-hungry and corrupt men. Yay for choice!
    Found that fact rather hillarous.
  • Just got Vol. 1 at PMX. I figured it was probably worth the five bucks.
  • Just started reading this. I laughed out loud at the scene after it's reveled that Hojo has at-will access to Sakura's daughter, and he's sitting in that easy chair with his hands behind his head...
  • Anyone have a link to a torrent of this business?
  • So I was watching The Fifth Element for the umpteenth time and happened to notice this:

  • holy crap!
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