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Anyone know how to get cable over High Speed Internet?

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Does anyone know how to get cable using high speed internet? Also, how do you use a computer as a DVR? I'm tired of paying cable so much for junk channels and for a receiver DVR. I think this would also be a great tech discussion.

I'm sure this might get complicated, but if someone could at least point me in the right direction of where to research this, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!


  • Netflix. High latency, but decent throughput and no maintenance.
  • Is there a program you need to get cable programs through netflix? What types of hardware do you need in your computer?
  • Rym is joking. You might want to consider some flavor of BitTorrent.
  • Stop watching television.
  • I think I have a program that lets you get at least some channels via the net, it's on my other laptop though, so I'll post again if I get a chance to look soon. Otherwise, yeah, anything worth it(and a lot of stuff that isn't) is ending up on DVD and so you can get Netflix and watch it that way.
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