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Photos of Mangaka

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This is extremely fascinating. It's uncanny how the mangka embody their works. Some of the mangaka even resemble their own characters. For example, Hideo Yamamoto has an uncanny resemblance to the main character in Homunculus.

Both of these sites are in Japanese by the way.

If you have a hard time figuring out who is who just look at image properties of the photos and you'll the get the last names of the mangaka. If that isn't enough for you then just highlight some of the titles under "代表作:" and go here (Wiki's list of manga), "ctrl+f", and you'll probably find it. Google is good too.


  • Omigosh. Omigosh, Tezuka. (I kind of want to hug him.)

    Haha, now that I think about it, he looks an awful lot like Saruta.

    I think I could've put money on the fact that the dude who does Beck was a hipster... XD

    This is great! Thanks for the link!
  • Kishimoto reminds me of Shigeru Miyamoto.

    And Akira Toriyama does not look like what I expected.

    And yeah, great links.
  • This thread delivers! The resemblances really are amazing. Kubo Tite = Ichigo!
  • I always like to see what the people look like that make the comics I enjoy.
  • Here's a picture showing Hideo Yamamoto's resemblance to the main character in Homunculus:
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