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I'm at Katsucon right now. ph33r.


  • :( I wish I was there
  • I'll be there Saturday. I plan to get there early... is the game room open 24hrs this year too? And do they have the retro arcade again 'cause that was awesome.
  • I was I'm just cold but packed and ready to head back tomorrow afternoon. It looks to be classically awesome, complete with the retro arcade games! The program guide could use a nice, simple format to make planning easier, though.

    Plus, Rym and Scott have some nice, shiny things to hand out! And there is something equally shiny right next to their set up, which is definitely worth checking out! ^_^
  • I'm at Katsucon right now. ph33r.

    I'm a Very long ways away from Katsucon.

  • I'm at Jasoncon right now. Ph33r.

    Er, I mean, I'm watching YouTube clips.
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    It's just so cold. I suppose I might go tomorrow, but it'll be very hard to leave my nice warm bed. I've even given up on seeing "Ghost Rider" or "Breach" (which I'm a lot more interested in seeing than "Ghost Rider") this weekend due to the cold and the mess outside.
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  • Everyone who didn't go to Katsucon missed out, especially the Match Game.
  • WOOOOOO... Katsucon rocked!
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  • -collapse-
    That's what I did yesterday, but that was mostly because I was up for 23 hours straight, and 6 of that was driving to and from the con.
  • It will be sad when Rym and Scott get a little bit older and start having more responsibilities in life.

    Enjoy your disposable income and relatively abundant amount of free time while you can guys.

    I wish I hadn't been so serious when I was their age. I missed out on a lot of fun. Congrats to you both for continuing to enjoy yourselves and finding ways to having so much fun.
  • Enjoy your disposable income and relatively abundant amount of free time while you can guys.
    As I get older, I'll only have more income and more free time. It only gets better from here (at least until I'm too old to do anything). ^_~
  • I used to think that too, Rym. It depends on what you want out of life, as well as what life throws at you.

    I didn't plan on having to take care of an elderly grandparent, an ailing mother and now an ailing father. My grandma and mom have passed away. Being an only child, and having no other family anywhere close to where I live, the job of taking care of dad also falls to me. I've been in some sort of care giver mode for 12 years now. (Not complaining, just stating a fact. I sure never planned on this.)

    Depending on whether you want them or not, a wife and kids take time and money too. Friendships change once your core group starts getting married and having kids. (I'd recommend not having either until your career is well established and you have finished doing all the wild and crazy things you can do when you are single.)

    Do any of the other "mature" members of the group have anything to add? (I'm 44)
  • I agree with Colin. I am married but don't have kids, but the marriage by itself is an incredible time sink. No complaints. It's just a fact. I know from friends and relatives that having kids takes away much more time. I was especially grateful to not have kids during this latest spell of bad weather. Can you imagine the time cost in dealing with kids when school is closed for weather conditions?

    He's right about having more income, but If Rym is anything like 99% of my relatives and friends, he's gonna find he has less, not more free time as he gets older. However, he's pretty unique and he might find a way to shape his circumstances into what he expects them to be.

    I'm really glad to see that there's someone older than me. I'm 42.
  • I'm married and I enjoy spending time (not all of my time) with my family. I have one daughter who is now 8 yrs old and is a lot of fun. Even with the school closings last week we had fun. I still have game night with the guys but we don't pull the Jolt-cola induced 24-hour marathon sessions anymore!

    It's all about time management. Will you have less "free time" when you are married or have kids? That all depends on how you define "free time".

    If you define "free time" as "me time" than yes, you will have a lot less of that when you have a family. If you define "free time" as "time not spent working" than you will likely have about the same amount of free time.

    This is leading off on a tangent and I'll stop now unless someone else wants to start up a separate thread about this.
  • Where does KatsuCon get its name?

    And why hasn't Katsu sued them (or at least brutalized them) for trademark infringement? =P
  • I do define "free time" as "me time."

    There are many rewarding aspects to having a family but they do take away time and money. You can't just go to a ballgame at the drop of a hat or constantly have guys over or do whatever it is you do for fun when you are single.

    Most people's spending goes up in proportion to their income. They start making more money, but they buy a bigger house or a nicer car. You are making more money but you are also deeper in debt.

    As HungryJoe said, Rym is unique and may avoid these pratfalls. Typically, however, you will never have as much "free time" and a higher percentage of disposable income than you do right now - assuming you don't become rich, of course.
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