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Comics around the world

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Well, I was listening to Rym and Scott on their last podcast about a comic. Jason is from Norway. Then it came to me. I am from South America and there are a bunch of comic writers to whom I used to read when I was a kid every time I used to go to get a hair cut. I started to wonder if any of those artist published something in english and one of them is "Quino:. What can I say about this guy. He is truly a master when it comes to ironic/comedic writing. Enough to say that every time I read one of his works I get a good laugh.

His most important work is "Mafalda". It is hilarious and at the same time I made me think about the world and how it was back in the 70's and 60's. It presented me with many ideas that as a kid were kind of "real". It is not an over statement that Mafalda was my Peanuts and it open my eyes to a different kind of world.

Here in America there were some releases but recently the most recent one is "Mafalda & Friends" . I really recomend to check the "search inside " option in Amazon to read some of the stories. Also, I already got my two volumes for 15 dollars and I is gonna be nice to remember my past.

I want to ask all the foreign forum users to also expose the international talent, if only to discover some more cool stuff around the world.

This is not Mafalda but his humor is like this:



  • I used to read this one as a kid. It's not the greatest but it did pass the time. It did teach the great lesson that if the top of your head gets cut off, you can grow it back if you cook and eat it.
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    I love "Old Master Q", too. That site is awesome because finally I can read the translated comics.
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