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Desktop Screenshots!

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Let's have a fun old time and post screenshots of our desktops. Wee!

Desktop at work

Desktop at home

I have two monitors at home and work, but windows sucks and wont take a screenshot of both monitors. it doesn't matter because the other monitor at work is just more of the same plain blue crap.


  • Mine. Ph33r.

    2 monitors also.
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    Here's mine:

    Okay, now it's time for a show of hands. How many others here have 2 monitors?
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  • Everyone here, its teh l33t. Do you have 3 monitors Pilitus?
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    My monitor.
    It's my meager little 1 monitor and the programs that live inside it.
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  • Battlefield 2, awesome. What rank? =)
  • I haven't played BF2 in awhile so I'm still around rank 3ish.

    Also, BBCode gives me problems >_<
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    html it My monitor.
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  • You sir are my hero of the day.
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    And mine
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  • No, that's 2 monitors. One's a 20 inch wide screen on its side.
  • Wow, some of you people have desktops from the late 90's. What's with all the millions of programs installed? And what's with using all the separate IM programs full of ads? Gotta get some gaim up in there! Of course it also seems lots of you are playing a ton of PC games, so I can't give you a Linux push. All I gotta say is that if I had your desktop the clutter and inefficiency would drive me mad.
  • Wow, I agree with Scott, something is strange here. But I think there's a reason for the desktop clutter.

    A dislike of the start menu. You're wasting time when you dig through there looking for a program nestled in a subfolder, so you put icons on the desktop or the quick-launch bar. So you need the icons, I suppose. Does windows have anything like Quicksilver? I assume linux does, it is one of those apps that seems like it would fit on Linux.
  • I have a windows laptop for work, as you can see. You know what I do? Organize the start bar. If you just let programs make their own folders the star menu becomes this huge unweildy thing. I have about 8 folders total in the start bar, and I manually organize all the shortcuts into those folders. The start bar quickly becomes as ogranized as the applications menu in Gnome.
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  • To unclutter your windows desktop, for those who care, I've found that you can move the start menu to the side, create toolbars for sets of programs and keeping it unlocked. I seperated my programs/others into a few categories: My Computer, Games, Shortcuts, and Multimedia. The multimedia is anything related to media files and shortcuts is anything thats not a game or media file. It doesn't matter how much room is on your start menu with the toolbars unlocked because if you want to acess a toolbar, you double click the slider and its expands so all of the contents are showing. This technique works best with 2 monitors but theres nothing bad about doing it with one. It also only really works well with a vertical start menu; just a note.
  • If you have trouble with icons and files accumulating on your desktop, I recommend the following:

    Make a "garbage" folder there, and once a month dump EVERYTHING you don't use or need on a regular basis into it. Before doing so, delete EVERYTHING you've got in there from the previous month.

    If you didn't need it for a month, and you didn't feel the need to properly archive/sort it for another month, then you probably can do without it.
  • RymRym
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    Or, you know, properly organize your files from the start ^_~ I suggest having a common point where all of your new or incoming files go to be sorted in batches.
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  • God, I have an external hard drive JUST for misc. downloads/files. It would take me weeks to sort it. I just use the classic "Sort by Type" option.
  • My strategy is to have a folder on my desktop for downloads, one for games shortcuts and one for files I want to transfer to my laptop. It seems to work well. Other than that, only icons that are used frequently.
  • EsonLinji, I thoroughly approve of your practice of naming drives after mythological figures. My own (mainly back in the days I used Windows) were Osiris, Amenti, and Anubis; my iPod is Thoth.

    Home desktop

    Yes, there's not much to see. All my taskbars fold away into the narrow bands at the top and bottom when not being hovered over. I've also cleared away the normal assortment of Emacs, Firefox, glurp, and xterm windows that typically clutters it up.
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    So my desktop is a nightmare, but that's just becuase it's shared by two students and we USE the desktop. There's all that space, it's FOR putting stuff on.

    The background used to be a penguin launching like a rocket, but I have to change it now.
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    "There's all that space, it's FOR putting stuff on."
    No, it's like a floor. You have a few desk/drawers (folders) and TVs/games (icons) But its mostly a work desk for you to move windows around in, like people walking and doing work in a room. You don't (or at least shouldn't) leave your papers/shit around do you? We all must clean our rooms, and the desktop is just another floor in need of service.
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  • You can move your windows with the stuff there. The icons don't block them or anything, unlike things on a physical floor.
  • But it clusters and makes it hard to find things, especially when you have many windows open.
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    This one's got to be just about the most awesome one on here, or so I hope.

    You have to check it out!
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  • Renshi,

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    *Smacks his head with his hand*


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