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Where you live

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Why do you like where you live? I don't mean your house or apartment, I mean your city or town. What is around you or what is it about the place you are in that keeps you there? Why is it that you are in this place rather than anywhere else in the world?


  • She is here.
  • My family is here.
  • Iunno, I grew up here.
  • I don't have teh moneys.
  • I live here because there are no colonies on the Moon yet. :(
  • Because despite its lack of good nightclubs Adelaide is an awesome place to live.
  • My university is here and my family is there (NYC). Otherwise I wouldn't be in either place. NYC has turned into that "nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there," place for me. Funny because that's where I grew up.
  • I don't...?
  • Downstate New York is pretty-much the perfect base of operations for someone like me. Easy access to New York City, several major airports and freeways a stone's throw from my house, plenty of tech jobs, and lots of wilderness are all factors, not to mention the fact that much of the Front Row Crew lives in orbit of Beacon.

    I love the fact that I can see all of the anime movie premiers in the theatre. I love having a clear mountain view from my bedroom window, and a clear Manhattan skyline view from the top of that mountain. I love riding the train into the city, and hearing its distant horn passing late at night. I love that first breath of fresh air coming back from the city, seeing the Newburg skyline reflecting in the Hudson River.

    I'm not the kind of person to settle anywhere, but I can see myself having a base of operations in Beacon for some time to come.
  • Well I think the main thing I like about the town where I live is that it has everything I need within a reasonable driving distance. There's a mall, grocery store, movie theater, and restaurants of all kinds in my town, and all within 10 minutes or less of a drive of where I live.
  • I go to school here.
  • My wife and I both have our immediate families in the area where we live. I wouldn't mind moving for a change of scene, but she wants to stay within close proximity to the future grandparents.
  • I live with my family in Jersey just outside of New York City. It's really convenient to get there and from school. I live there because its easy to live with your parents when your 16.
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