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Places that you would recommend Geeknights to visit.

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Ok, I guess this is because of the last episode.

Well I come from South America, to be more specific I am from Perú. I was born on Lima, which is the capital of Perú. I love my country but it has its problems, so I would try to be as little bias as possible. There is only one international airport in Perú, and it is located in the capital. I would recommend to go there during its summer, which is from the last week of December to the first week of March. Once you get to Lima I would recommend to stay at least 2 day there if only to try as much Peruvian cuisine as possible. The most delicious seafood is "ceviche", which is very similar to sashimi is you like sashimi you will like this. The best Chinese food is located in Capon street, any restaurant in that place has the best Cantonese food in the country (I do not want to brag but it is truly delicious). The beaches in the capital are located on the "Costa Verde" they are ok. However, I prefer the beaches from the south. Since Perú is in front of the Pacific Ocean the waves can be kind of troubles some but they are great for surfing and body surfing. It is hard to discover Perú in only one week so I would recommend the Cuzco as the second place to go. Everything is in dollars is in that place, because is the most visited place in the country. The first thing that you will receive as soon as you get to your hotel is coca tea to help you get used to the high altitude. You can stay one night in Cuzco it is great at night and the restaurants are great, anyone that carries Pacha Manca is worth to go to. Ok, the most important thing when you get to the train to go Machu Picchu to is to go to the bathroom before you enter the train and do not buy anything on it (some stuff are very over priced). However, the 3-4 hour trip to Machu Picchu are totally worth it.


Well, it helps to know some spanish if you want to go to any country in south america. This page has great information about the most known hotels in Lima and Cuzco and most of the 5, 4, and 3 stars hotels have internet along with money exchange. Believe me, many 3 and 2 starts hotels do not have internet.

Also in Lima there are some awesome flea market places such as "Polvos Azules". However, you must have some balls to go there. But then again you can find stuff that you would not see not even on your wildest dreams, such as old nes with 250 games incorporated on the system (well that was 12 years ago I do not know what crazy stuff they might have there now), modified ps ones, ps twos, unknown crazy/awesome japanese games, etc. Also, back in when I was a 13 year old I used to love to go to "Wilson av." which is the Mecca of underground computer technology in Peru.

Anyhow that is not my country in a nutshell, but at least the most important places to visit in a 6 day week. The bad thing is you can really travel to many places inside Peru by plane, and even though it is of the size of Virginia a normal 3 hour trip by car in Virginia, it would be a 7 hours ride because of its diverse geography. But then again, it would be a great adventure just to take a motorcycle and just travel ala "The Motorcycle Diaries".

At the end of the day I think you guys would make a great show out of the any place you guys decide to go :D


  • I've always wanted to go to Machu Picchu.

    And I *heart* Easter Island.

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