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Website-making questions

First question:

What websites have you seen that are really eye-catching and well designed that DON'T use flash as a means of navigation.


Where on the net has the best stylesheet tutorials?


Anything else you think might help me as I redesign my website?


  • Mostly in regards to the second of your questions...

    Quirksmode is a good how-to resource for Javascript and CSS, which pays particular attention to (in)compatibility across different browsers.

    w3schools doesn't go all that deep, but it shows you how to use all the major stylesheet properties.

    There's also the official CSS spec from the W3C. However, it's not the most readable, and thus is mostly useful for looking up really arcane points of how stylesheets are supposed to act.
  • For site design, go to Netdiver. It will have a listing of all sorts of well designed sites, particularly the illustration section.

    Another site for CSS tutorials would be Web Monkey. You can also try Youtube.
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