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Newegg Motherboards

edited March 2007 in Technology
I've decided to settle down and build my own computer. I've turned to Newegg(who doesn't) for the parts. The problem is that I dont know what type of motherboard I should get or what sound card I should get. I know in the past that Scott has listed his Newegg wish list and since all of you here know a lot more about computer hardware than I do, I've turned to you. Also helping me with other parts could help. I cant put my Newegg wishlist of stuff that I have so far up yet because for a couple of more hours, I'll be at my grandma's house and she has dial-up *shivers*. Any suggestions?


  • What do you want your computer to do? Do you want a high end gaming machine or a simple computer to surf the web? Do you want to run linux on it or windows? How much are you willing to spend?
  • I want it to be a good gaming computer(not high end) andI will dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu Edgy Eft. I'm probably going to max out on price at $1500.00. I also want to have a good sound setup, because I am in a band and will record CDs until I'm in the studio.
  • Feisty Fawn beta comes out tomorrow. The final version will be out in less than a month. It has support for a lot of stuff that Edgy doesn't. This will give you more leeway in your deciding of what to buy.
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