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TF2 Details

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* There won't be "normal" grenades anymore. Valve thinks that they unify the different classes too much.

* Unlike in Fortress Forever, teleporters are kept in Team Fortress 2. The ammo dispenser will make a comeback as well.

* There will be a personalized statistics system. For example, you could see an in-game message like "Hey, you've never played your class as well as today - keep it up!"

* Valve thinks that classes in other games are a joke. "Where's the difference between me choosing a M16 or an AK-47 rifle?", asks Robin Walker.

* It would be technically feasible to let owners of a PC, XBOX 360 and PS3 play against each other. Whether this feature makes it into the final game is still uncertain and depends on Sony and Microsoft.

* Valve received very few threatening letters because of TF2's comic design.

* Owners of multicore processors will get additional, undisclosed, graphics details.


* The Scout can perform a double jump, as known from the Unreal games. That is, he'll be able to jump a second time while in the air.

* The Medic can heal team members from long distances, as long as they are in sight. Furthermore, he can make himself and his patients invulnerable for 10 seconds.

* Every class has a unique close-combat weapon. Even the secondary weapons differ from each other often times. Following is a list of classes with their primary, secondary and close-combat weapons:

* Scout: Shotgun, pistol, baseball bat.
* Soldier: Rocket launcher, shotgun, shovel.
* Pyro: Flamethrower, shotgun, fire axe.
* Demo Man: Sticky bomb slingshot, grenade thrower, broken bottle.
* Heavy Weapons Guy: Machine gun (mini gun), shotgun, fists.
* Engineer: Shotgun, pistol, wrench.
* Medic: Machine pistol, healing ray, bone saw.
* Sniper: Sniper rifle, machine pistol, club.
* Spy: Revolver, cigar case (PDA for switching your disguise), knife.

Maps & Gameplay

* Apart from 2Fort, there'll be a remake of Well.

* There will be completely new maps for the game mode "Territorial Control". It will be randomly decided which area of a map is supposed to be conquered and the team in possession of that area will assume the role of defenders.

* There will be trains rolling through the map Well, which should be avoided by players.

* Capture The Flag becomes Capture The Documents. Instead of capturing a flag, you'll have to capture a briefcase from the opponent's base."

Man, this game cannot come out soon enough.


  • I'm glad they are keeping the medic. Medic was what I always played. In the second teaser trailer, he was conspicuously absent and I started to get worried ^_^;
  • I like that you don't need to be near the guy as a Medic to heal them. Fear the medic snipers, they'll heal you before you know its coming.

    But anyway, the more I hear and see of this game, the more I think that its going to be amazing. I could see this becoming the new online FPS king.
  • Yes, I am glad the medic is there, and he's awesome! I imagine I will play the medic frequently. Giving him the long-range healing and the invincibility makes people actually want to play him. I imagine hilarity as teams of medics capture the "briefcase" by remaining invincible for up to a minute. The only thing that I'm not super excited about is how so many classes have the shotgun. Didn't it say that Valve wants the classes to be more different? If so, they should think up different secondary weapons for people besides the shotgun and the machine pistol. The Demo Man, however, has the best weapon selection.
  • Maybe each shotgun will be different, like the demo has like a saw-off shot, maybe another has rock salt shells, and the medic could have shells of contaminated needles.
  • Maybe each shotgun will be different, like the demo has like a saw-off shot, maybe another has rock salt shells, and the medic could have shells of contaminated needles.
    That would be awesomes.
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