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Looking for Old Films

edited March 2007 in Movies
Ever since I found Call of Tutu, I've been reminded of two films I saw on Bravo around '93 or '94, back when Bravo had arts programming instead of mostly crap. One was a very cool reading of "The Tell Tale Heart" by a guy who looked a lot like Anthony Hopkins. He read the story while he was wearing a straitjacket and standing in a witness dock - as though he was giving testimony. It was very nice.

The other film was about this old upper class English guy taking the viewer on a tour of his estate. He would say things about how he had problems working out the layout of his garden and then he would matter-of-factly tell how he strangled his mother-in-law and buried her under the hedges. His tone of voice and general manner didn't change from one part of the conversation to the other, which made it very creepy. Unfortunately, I don't know the title.

I've looked and looked for these films in the years since '94. Has anyone else ever seen them? Do you have any idea where to find them or even where to start to look?


  • Hey, do you remember when this was released in theaters?
  • imdb?
    No. I've tried there and have had no luck. It really hurts that I don't know the title of that one film.
  • Hey, do you remember when this was released intheaters?
    Yes, I remember that. My son was bugging me that day, saying, "Poppa, Poppa PLEASE take me to the flickers."

    The last time I was at a theatre before that was for "Our American Cousin".
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