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TV tuners are the devil!

I have the worst luck with TV tuners. Out of the 3 I've bought in my life, I've never gotten one to work on my skill alone. The first one was really shitty, I gave up on installing it after a month and accidently got it to work 2 years later. I then wanted to record video so I bought one with a better resolution after a friend suggested one. I have never gotten this one to work, ever, with the help of anyone. I talked to my friend who coaxed me into buying one from him. This is the one I am currently using. I spent a long time trying to get this one to work but never suceeded. My friend, the one who sold it to me, had to install it over a VNC viewer. Apparently the problem with the latter one was the drivers. Windows XP didn't recognize the drivers I downloaded from the site as being "up-to-date" so my friend had to manually install them. Is this the end of my tail? No, not yet. I am currently trying to install the 2nd TV tuner I mentioned onto my media center PC. I have installed all of the drivers, made sure everything is hooked up. What happens? It gives me a blue screen as video feed (no, not the blue screen of death) instead of even static or a black picture.
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