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What is your preferred anti-zombie armament? Oh, and guns too.

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Ok, let's see everyones weapon layout for the zombie apocalypse. Let's try to limit it to weapons that fit this layout:
  • Can be stored in a backpack. (8 medium/small items)
  • Can be stored on an ammunition vest (6 ammo pouches)
  • Can be stored on a ultilty belt. (5 small items)
  • Can be carried on a shoulder strap. (Only 1 item)
  • Can be carried by hand. (You have two hands, don't you?)

I guess I will start.

SPAS-15 Shotgun on shoulder strap. Six clips on my vest. Two more in backpack.

Walther p99 sidearm in a holster on my belt. Three clips on my belt.

A machete in a sheathe on my belt.

Two thermite incendiary grenades in my backpack.

Two Anti-personal claymores in my backpack.

A maglight in my backpack.

Nightvision in my backpack.

Well I think that about does it.


  • Maglite, good call.
  • Your SPAS is a bad idea, Andrew. Not only are they wildly inaccurate, but they tend to jam and have less than desirable stopping power. Automatics are made for wide-dispersal and high-rate round cover. That's fine against a human, but zombies will walk right through a hail of SPAS fire.

    While flame throwers are definitely out, napalm grenades would be the most effective weapon vs. the zombie hordes, but it's not going to help you in closer combat. If your shoulder can take it, you need that Desert Eagle. The most important thing isn't really going to be the gun, anyway -- it's going to be the ammunition. Load that bad boy up with the 10mm hollow-points, or better yet, incendiary rounds. Really, you want something that creates small detonations, right?
  • When I think of zombie apocalypse weapons I generally disregard guns because they aren't readily available to me, so its not exactly an option without going out of my way. So my thinking tends to revolve around close quarters stuff.

    I think the two most important weapons that weren't mentioned aside from an ax, are a polearm/quarterstaff and cooking oil. Allow me to explain.

    Quarterstaff is probably a rather ideal weapon, it's medium-short range, you don't need a lot of skill to use it but having that skill makes you that much more teh awesome. It's a great bludgeoning weapon, and can also be used to hold off more then one zombie, or carry something. Polearm is the same thing, except now you have a blade at one end for stabbing, or cutting at a distance (especially good against those one hit to the head and dead zombies.)

    Now cooking oil might seem strange, but think about it. Generally zombies aren't particularly graceful, in fact they are quite clumsy. So if you have a lot of zombie coming at you, dumping out a large jug of cooking oil onto the ground should make it more then difficult for said zombies to cross. Which should buy you enough time to escape. Or if it were used on steps, would essentially make it impossible for them to go up them.
  • Your SPAS is a bad idea
    A 12 guage should have sufficient stopping power. I mostly chose it because of the easy of reloading. I would strictly keep it in semi-auto mode to prevent jamming. If I had to load by hand, it would most likely drop some shells in the heat of battle. It would also be harder to pull out each shell from where you are storing it rather then just grabbing a clip. I'll take guaranteed reloading over power any day.
    you need that Desert Eagle
    I passed on the Deagle. I imagined dual wielding my machete and sidearm. That is mostly why I chose the machete, because it is a one-handed weapon, allowing me to occupy my other hand with a pistol. I wouldn't be able to fight with a deagle in only one arm. Having a smaller caliber pistol will allow me to fight with a machete and pistol at the same time, granting me a faster kill rate over more powerful kill.
  • Anyone else see that episode of Future Weapons with the auto shotgun with the 30 round barrel of shells? Now that would be the perfect anti-zombie shotgun, especially due to the incredibly low recoil it has.
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    1. A Crowbar, it can open doors, crates, and zombie heads.
    2. A silenced pistol of some kind.
    3. A silenced rifle of some kind.
    4. Flashlight.
    5. Tazer for dealing with survivors.
    6. Tear Gas Grenade for dealing with survivors.

    You do not want to look like your ready for war when you are in the zombie apocoplyse because you may threaten other survivors.
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  • For a sidearm, the Colt 1911 .45 caliber pistol.

    A shotgun, for taking out targets at reasonably close ranges, the USAS-12, preferably with the 20 round drum magazine. I believe this is the weapon that Kiey was talking about.

    For a longarm, I'd have to go with the Barrett XM500 for picking off targets at a distance. The bullpup design gives you a shorter barrel while maintaining accuracy. It's a .50 caliber, so you have to mount it (firing a .50 accurately from a standing position would be too difficult for someone with my lacking skills.)

    For medium range, I'd have to go with the TDI Kriss Super V, a .45 caliber SMG. The nice thing about this is that the rounds would be interchangeable with the 1911.

    Melee, definitely a crowbar. Not only are they heavy while being relatively small, they can be used as a tool for getting into places.

    Additionally, a Maglite is a must, spare food, and a radio unit (or easy access to one).
  • This is all I need.

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    you need that Desert Eagle

    Desert Eagle - Not a practical weapon. Good in movies, but it real life, Pretty pointles, especialy in any sort of combat. Its Madly heavy, Unwieldy, and if you get it in .50AE, Kicks like an angry Mule. If you really need Giant Calibres, then go with A Revolver - More accurate, and Far, Far more reliable.

    EDIT - @Sail - Well, that's pretty much just your typical AR15 owner.
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    If you only rely on guns, the ammunition will eventually run out. Have any of you guys read vol. 8 of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order?
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    How would these zombies come to be? Black Magic? Or something like Resident Evil? If it's black magic I would just need a book of holy spells and a cloak and a staff, some fire spells would nice to. If the zombies exist because of some virus then I would fill my back pack with 'serum' and get dart guns to load the serum in. Then I would only need one shot to take a zombie down. And save others who have just been infected by the virus.
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  • I just need to cast Curaga to all of them, and everything would be alright. but then again I am no Paladin. I am Dark Knight

  • Ah, this episode inspired me to watch Shaun of the Dead again. I love that movie, and it was on the blessed $7.50 rack at Wal-Mart.

    Next, Scrym need to tackle those zombie apocalypse tactics: Do you destroy the stairs? Do you go on offense or lay low? How do you arrange for food? Go underground? Hole up in a well-fortified urban armory, or head to the rural farm and take up a subsistence/commando lifestyle? Start a militia? Is it morally acceptable to raid a grocery store during the ZA? What common, household agents would you use to booby-trap your property? How do you choose/make a perfectly defensible abode? How would you endure a zombie siege?

    These are important questions, people, and I'm guessing they've placed us all squarely on homeland security's radar. XD
  • If they are the kind of zombies that convert you when they bite you I'm gonna join them. Mmm...brains.
  • Just stay away from shopping Malls. Zombies sure do love them shopping malls.
  • Just stay away from shopping Malls. Zombies sure do love them shopping malls.
    Man, I really wanted to insert the mall zombie clip from Invader Zim here, but I couldn't find it =(
  • When I was in high school one of my teachers was a man who had worked on the original Night of the Living Dead movie set.

    If you watch the movie you will note that there is one window on the lower level that they never board up. The reason is because that windows looks into the back yard and is 10feet from the ground.

    Also, the car that hits the tree, it was already damaged from a prior accident.

    The blood they used was chocolate syrup.

    He told us a bunch of other stuff but that was years ago...
  • Plan 9 From Outer Space > Night of the Living Dead
  • I'd take a shotgun of some sort, on the shoulder strap, keep a sickle or two on the utility belt, and a scythe in my hands. Assuming it wouldn't be too heavy to use, it has a good combination of speed, reach, and cutting power. Some frag grenades would be nice too . . .
  • I'm surprised that no one has said Shin Getter Robo.
    Just stay away from shopping Malls. Zombies sure do love them shopping malls.
    Man, Ireallywanted to insert the mall zombie clip fromInvader Zimhere, but I couldn't find it =(
    They've locked down their fortress! With locks!
  • Anyone who likes to read and is interested in this topic should check out Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z. They are excellent books, and I'd read the survival guide first. Btw, the crowbar is an excellent idea, Railith, as are the silenced weapons.
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    Done and done.

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  • This entirely depends on whether they're fast zombies or slow zombies . . . though I'd say a chainsaw and shotgun are always good starts.
  • Although chainsaws and shotguns are visually fun to use in movies and games, I would not want to get anywhere close enough to use either on a zombie.

    I'd rather use a long distance weapon with some medium range ability, like an assault rifle. Because thats the distance at which I would prefer to engage the zombie horde.
  • I'd rather use a long distance weapon with some medium range ability, like an assault rifle. Because thats the distance at which I would prefer to engage the zombie horde.
    They always get closer. If/When they do, you're in trouble with an assault rifle. Ideally I think you'd have a team of people with specific weapons and expertise . . . in a mall of course.
  • I would add arm guards to the list of things needed. When that zombie tackles you, you'll have something to prevent you from being bitten.
  • One of these for biting zombies?
  • You can't run in that. At least not well.
  • Maybe the zombies will think your already one of them? (insert Shaun of the Dead)
  • Maybe the zombies will think your already one of them? (insert Shaun of the Dead)
    YES! The perfect camouflage!
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