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Jewish Comic Writers/Artists.

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I don't know what it is about the style and story that comics made by Jews have, but all their comics usually rock. Maybe the style was influenced by the tragedy of the holocaust, maybe not. Nevertheless, I'm in love with Jewish comics (especially those which deal with Jewish culture).

I have recently picked up Maus by Art Spiegelman, and it has to be one of the greatest comics I have ever read. I am almost done reading the A Contact With God trilogy, which is absolutely astounding. Also, Neil Gaiman is by far one of the greatest comic book writers I have ever seen. The Sandman is addicting, amazing, and awesome. I read The Books of Magic mini series and it rocked, but after Gaiman stopped writing it all, it went down hill (in my opinion).

Enough about my love of Jewish graphic novelists... Please discuss your opinions on some Jewish authors and their works here! (^_^)


  • Jews are really good at making comics mostly because we pretty much invented them. Obviously we didn't all get together and come up with the idea together, but most of the great old American comic creators are Jews. Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Will Eisner, Spiegelman, etc. were/are all Jews. Though, the level to which they observed their religion varies as well as how much their religion influenced their art. Eisner's Contract with God obviously has a lot of Judaism in it, but Superman does not.

    If you're looking for modern comics that actually concern Judaism read The Rabbi's Cat and Klezmer by Joann Sfar. He's pretty much at the forefront of creating Jewish comics these days. His comics are so good that I lent them to my dad, and he won't give them back.
  • Weren't quite a lot of the old comic writers and artists Jewish? The people who created Superman (their names I have forgotten - Wikipedia says Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster) were Jewish, Stan Lee was Jewish, and, as you mentioned, Will Eisner, author of the Contract With God trilogy, was also Jewish. It seems to me that a lot of comics, especially the older, more influential ones, were done by Jews. I don't know if that had any influence on comics or anything like that, but it's definitely interesting.
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