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Why NYCC Gets it Wrong

edited April 2007 in Conventions
So I'm taking this survey about the New York Comic-Con. The second question is:
What is your primary objective when attending the New York Comic Con Show?
What is the main reason you attend the show? (check all that apply)
  • See the newest products
  • See/meet industry talent/artists
  • Attend panels
  • See screenings
  • Look for Silver/Golden Age Comics
  • See the latest video games
  • Play Trading Card/Role Playing Games
  • Purchase Pop-Culture memorabilia
I would hope that most people here would see the problem with this question. It makes a false assumption that there is no other possible reason someone would attend their convention. Judging by the way they run their convention, if your primary reason for going isn't one of the things in this list, there really is no reason to go. They don't seem to realize that the point of conventions nowadays is not for the fan to interact with the industry, but the fan to interact with the fan. Geek conventions have become an extension of the online geek community. They give the same experience you get from a forum like this only live, in-person, and multiplied in power and intensity a thousand fold. That is the reason I go to conventions.

Sure, I like to meet artists and such, but that's not my primary reason for attending. It's a secondary objective at best. Everything else on their list such as seeing new products, buying comics, seeing the latest video games, etc. can all be accomplished via the web. There's no reason to go to a convention to do something I do every day. I go to a con to meet people and hang out with thousands of geeks in a massive mob of geekiness. Failure to recognize that the old industry style of geek convention is dead is why the NYCC will fail, and continue to fail.

When these people try to run their New York Anime Festival, it's going to be quite hilarious. Anime fans are not comic fans. They will not enjoy a convention where artist's alley tables cost hundreds of dollars and all panels are industry-run. They will not pay extra to go to events beyond what their convention memberhsip permits. The won't pay for an autograph either. I can't wait to see what thousands of bored anime fans end up doing to the lobby of the Javitz. There's only so many times they can do the Haruhi dance.
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