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More Linux?

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You guys should do a segment on how to install a dual boot linux/windows setup on a 1+ 0 raid array with a nv motherboard (fake)raid controller. :)


  • This seems like a thinly veiled question rather than a topic for a show. So I'll answer it here.

    It depends on the raid controller. If it's a hardware RAID that is recognized by Linux and Windows you're all set. Just use the RAID BIOS to configure the raid. Then partition the raid with fdisk. Install Windows, Intall Linux, fini.

    If it's a software RAID or if it's a hardware RAID not supported by Linux, then there's trouble. In those cases you'll have to choose between giving the RAID to Windows or giving the RAID to Linux. Then you'll need another hard drive that's not in the RAID to put the other OS on. You wont be able to access all the drives from either OS.

    Lately my opinion on storage has changed a great deal. It is my opinion that NAS (network attached storage) is the ultimate solution. No computer you build needs more than an 80 gig hard drive. Heck, a 40 or a 60 should be plenty to hold all the software you want. Of course, these numbers might change over time. A NAS is basically a computer with a RAID in it and a network card. You put it on your home network along with all your other computers. Every computer on your network can then mount it and read/write form it as if it were a hard drive in the computer. You just have to use Samba or NFS to do network mounting.

    Network attached storage. That's a topic for a show.
  • That sounds like a good idea. Tips on how to build one of these, if it's better to buy one and suchnot.
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