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LCD, CRT, or what?

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Personally is use 2 CRT monitors cause I love HUGE resolutions. I can see well when I'm close to things so no squinting for me. I did just upgrade my TV to an LCD but that was a question of weight. There's many factors with deciding between LCD/CRT but the resolution is enough for me. I know Scot's into the brightness of LCDs but who cares about extra vivid-ness when CRT can reach the norm? Something about LCD's that annoy me is how they blur large pixels rather than just expand them. Here is an example I made:


So yeah, what about you?


  • LCDs blur large pixels? What are you talking about?
  • I think he's not really understanding the basic property behind LCD screens. They have one resolution, and that's all that they look good at.
  • We were thinking about doing a show on monitors before, but voted against. I thought we had sort of explained them in our episodes on how to buy a computer and such. Maybe we should go back do a show on monitors and then a series on how a computer works as opposed to how to buy one.
  • That would be awesome if you do that Scott!
  • Guys maybe it would be better to do a show about TV's. Like CRT vs. LCD vs. Plasma vs. Projector vs. Holodeck.....wait scratch that last one.
  • On the note of explaining to us more about how computers work, I'm curious about how Physical Memory, Pagefiles, and Virtual Memory are different and what is like the most important. Also, is it bad if your ram is double your processing speed? Also, how much is the processing speed limited to the bus speed?
  • I can answer all those questions and more :)
  • We'll likely be doing a Monday show on CRTs and LCDs for computer monitors, and another one on all of the options for televisions.
  • This makes the best sense for a thread on Monday's topic. You guys got the best color reproduction backwards. You can get the highest level of professional color by using a CRT, though a crazy professional one. A CRT's electron gun can change the temperature of the light that it produces, while an LCD has a set digital range, and all color managment does it cut steps out of the gamma curve.

    Pilitus, Crazy professional printer.
  • I actually didn't know much about LCDs.

    CRT-wise, I do know that the vast majority of them have a fairly bad gamma curve that must be corrected in software. Hence, the small market for an accurate one and the high price.
  • I have a 19 inch LCD because my desk is too small to fit a fat CRT. I also want Kami's questions answered, I've always been confused about that.
  • Well, after Monday's podcast, I have learned a lot about the monitors. However, I still am debating between CRT and LCD. It's really hard to find a place on the internet that actually gives you any information other than the size. I guess they're either a bunch of n00bs or they're trying to hide any crappy details about it.

    I have one last questions though. Is it true that LDC monitors get images burned onto the screen very, very easily? That's just about the last thing that's bothering me right now because my taskbar, like most people's, is just about always showing on the screen until I go idle for 10 mintues, in which it turns off the monitor.
  • Screen burn-in was a problem on very old CRTs. Screen burn-in is not a problem on any modern monitor, especially not an LCD. Some projectors do have a problem with burn-in, but that's a story for another time. Screen savers nowadays are more just for show and don't actually save your screen. There's not much to save your screen from. Given that, I still wouldn't recommend leaving your monitor on for days on end with an unmoving picture. The #1 reason is that the light inside your LCD will die after many many hours. Turn the monitor off or put it to sleep to save the light.
  • Thanks Scott. Okay, I've decided that I will get an LCD monitor as soon as I can find a cheep one unless something makes me change my mind, which is not too overall unlikely.
  • Heh. Cheap LCD monitor. Good luck with that.
  • I will eventually Trogdor. Remember some of the deal's I've gotten before.
  • It depends on your definition of Cheap. I picked up a cheap LCD monitor from Dell, for $400. It was a good deal, a 20" widescreen.
  • Yeah, I got my 19 incher for $300-$400 with a coupon code from Dell. Monitors seem to be something Dell does right.
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    There are only two things you need to get a high quality product cheep. Patience and knowlegde on where to go.

    Two spelling mistakes are present here: cheap and patience. Also, the second sentence is not a sentence!
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    There will be a new law in this forum. If I see spelling or grammatical errors in your post I am going to highlight them in bold red. This will encourage people to learn the English language and think carefully about things they post. Perhaps people will re-read and edit their posts before hitting the submit button. I am also going to include a helpful explanation of any highlited errors in additional red text. Feel free to remove my red text, but I suggest you fix your errors at the same time. This law goes into effect as of right now.
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    And Scott calls -me- a grammar nazi... ^_~
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    Man... Isn't that a little harsh? (Refering to Scott's post)
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  • Oh Scott, I can almost guarentee that now people will intentially make spelling mistakes and gramer mistakes. Oh, one question. Does 1337 speek suffer from this as well?
  • ph33r that l33t shall be allowed. In fact, all dialects of 1337 are acceptable. AOL talk 4 u is not kewl, k?
  • In the interest of saving myself lots of effort GeekNights has hired our first employee. Expect to see our new forum moderator out and about within a few days. He will be correcting your grammar and spelling so I do not have to.
  • You hired someone to spell check people?

    Man, will there be any punishment is we just rebel in speek in Japanese? (minus the kanji)
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