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Is anyone else reading this awesome webcomic? I just learned about it, and it's great. xkcd isn't funny in a Penny Arcade, or Cyanide & Happiness sort of way; it's more or less devoid of cursing and violence. Nevertheless, it's very fun. I love how my ego inflates every time I get one of the jokes. Actually, I wouldn't exactly call them jokes... The strips contain what I would describe as "intellectual ramblings"... You just have to see it for yourself to understand.


  • Yeah, pretty sure more than a few people here read it.
  • Normally, this is where I flame on, but this one is my fault.

    Original thread

    The thread title was misspelled, therefore it would not have shown up on a search.

    Of course...I'm assuming you DID search before you posted, didn't you?
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    Yes, I did search before posting the thread. I'm not an idiot :P

    Well, anyway, sorry for that. I will now join the discussion in that thread.
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