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Is anyone going to AnimeNEXT? I was pondering whether I should go or not, but I might go if others are...

Is it worth it? I live in Maryland, and I'm already going to Otakon (which will be my first con ^.^). Should I wait and just go to AnimeNEXT in 2008?

And, if I do go, does anyone have hotel suggestions or advice in general?

Any "first-time" con advice would also be greatly appreciated.


  • I imagine we'll do the same thing as last year and go Saturday only. The con isn't really awesome enough to be worth skipping work Friday to go to, but it's good enough that I'll still go. However, it is a much shorter trip for us in NY than you in MD. If I was in MD, I don't know if I would go. I guess if I didn't care about the cost, and the travel didn't bother me, I would definitely go for all three days. Do whatever you want.
  • I'm going to attend all 3 days as I always have only because my father pays for the hotel room even though we live like 30 minutes away but he likes the room for storage and sleep since he is staff and such. Its an enjoyable mid-sized con but I can't see going to it if you're in Maryland since it's only 2 weeks before Otakon. I would say save your money and blow it all at Otakon.
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