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What anime are you watching? v2.0



  • I watched a couple episodes of iron-blooded orphans. I kinda like it.
  • Sengokuchojyugiga fills the niche for short Edo period stories told by painted animals.
  • All Out!! Is amazing and makes me lament that none of my schools play rugby. Might have to try and change that. Also large amounts of sculpted butts and Jojo's esqu poses. Over all pretty good.
  • Gion seems to respect Truant Thug for whatever reason.

  • I'm still watching Hibike, as music anime is my one weakness.
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    Finished Cowboy Bebop.

    The last two episodes feel rushed. They were a callback to episode five, but it felt like there was no build up to them at all.
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    Shotgunned Yuri On Ice over the last few days.

    OMG. The ending credits to episode 10:

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