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Random Funny bit

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So a co-worker was conversing with one of his friends who works at a help desk via IM. During this IM conversation a humorous anecdote was recounted.

On any computer network, it is best practice to have a standard schema for deciding user names. A very common method is to take the first letter of the user's first name followed by their entire last name. If your real name were John Smith, your username would be jsmith. As such, your e-mail address would be jsmith@network.tld.

Today a new user was added to the network managed by this particular helpdesk. That user's name is Stephen Adcock. Therefore, his username is sadcock. He was calling the helpdesk to see if he could have it changed.

That is all.


  • I much prefer the method of Removes ambiguity and the possibility of creating new words. Since most offices use Outlook or something else that has name completion, you rarely have to type more than one or two characters to get the e-mail address you want, so it's not like the number of total characters is a very big deal.

    Your coworker's story is sad; if only he were as lucky as Harry Appycock.
  • Similar story at my school. A kid in the marching band is named Ben Adcock. Well, you can figure it out from there.

  • Your coworker's story is sad; if only he were as lucky as Harry Appycock.
    My co-worker is not the one with the name. My co-worker knows a guy at a helpdesk at some other company who related this story. It's third-hand.
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