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A for Anarchy

edited March 2006 in Everything Else
After yesterdays podcast I thought this might be an interesting site to look at. It is probably the product of "true" anarchists, haha yeah...

This kinda make me chuckle a little, especially the picture of Bush and Clinton with Hitler and Stalin in the "Crisis" section haha



  • Speaking of "After yesterdays Podcast", and Also because I'm going to see the movie tomorrow, I decided to reread the comic in all its glorious glory. Such a brilliant work.
    Anyway, to my point, The Accent that You guys had probles with reading, I only realised I was reading what you were talking about after a Long time. Before that, I hadn't noticed any reading difficulty at all, just a guy with an accent.
  • To be honest, I've never read the actual comic, but I loved the movie. It's obviously a bush basher, and that's probably what I find most interesting about it. Not that I don't like republicans, it just seems to make their values go to hell.
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