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Bill Moyers talks with Jon Stewart

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Found this originally through Digg, but I've watched it a couple of times. It's Jon Stewart talking seriously about politics and the government. Jon seemingly continues to out do himself lately, at least for me.


  • Wow, his good fellas analogy was so spot on, it was really creepy...
  • "We (at the Daily Show) are very serious people doing a very non-serious thing. (The administration) are very non-serious people doing a very serious thing. We can't do what they do, we can only do what we do."

    The people who don't get the Daily Show are very sad people. Like Richard Nixon, they ought to have a buzzer installed on their back so nearby helpers can send them a message when what they just heard was supposed to be funny. It sucks not having a sense of humor.

    Then again, these are generally the same people who remain steadfastly loyal to the administration.

    I submit this article as further ammunition against the die-hard supporters.

    Of course, it's pointless. Anyone who still supports the administration is a lost cause. These people's minds can't be changed. We intellectuals have to realize that all minds work differently, and to some, even in the face of all evidence, supporting the war and the administration just makes perfect sense to them. These also tend to be the kind of people who don't challenge their beliefs by examining contradictory evidence. Nothing short of a direct, personal betrayal by their beloved leader will sway them. Anything less, up to and including a major escalation of war (Iran, draft, perhaps some bombing of American soil), additional political scandals (of course, nothing "immoral" like a blowjob, they can't possibly forgive that), and perhaps somehow stealing another election (surprise last-minute victory by Jeb Bush?) would have little to no effect on their loyalty.

    Of course, with only 29% loyalty, it should be pretty clear to any die-hards that they are not representing the will of the people, only themselves. If they're fine with that, or if, indeed, they hate those 71% who constitute the remainder, well, logically, they pretty much hate America.

    Once you're done hating all the gays, leftists, video game players, and illegal immigrants, there's hardly anyone left to love in this country.
  • One SP hack to another SP hack.
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