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GeekNights 070430 - 802.11abgn

edited April 2007 in Technology

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk a bit about the basics of 802.11a, b, g, n, and so forth. In the news, eyewitnesses are unreliable, and SCOTUS weakens patents a bit.

Scott's Thing - Telephone Book Prank
Rym's Thing - Telephone Book Prank


  • Do I sense a theme week?
  • Eye witnesses have been considered unreliable for some time now. There's the infamous experiment that professors around the country do, very conspicuously leave a paper bag on your desk and tell the students that you're going to be right back, then send someone in to take the bag. Shockingly, when you quiz the students, less than you'd think would get the guy's details right.
  • To be honest, I just grabbed any old news. I didn't really feel like talking about tech, and eyewitnesses have been a sore spot with me for a long time. ^_~
  • Are there any anime/manga/comics about an existential court? That would be the hilarity.
  • One of the most enlightened traditions from my own dorm (Random at MIT) was that if someone would ever set off the fire alarm then, well, that person was obviously on fire and had to be thrown in the shower as quickly as possible when we got back in.
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