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The most important vote ever.


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    This is a matter of most importance!
    DARTH VADER 2007!
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  • I voted for X-Wing weeks ago. Where were you?
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    I was battling monsters from outer space and demons of other dimension with my awesome Ultra Giant Robot from the bottom of the earth and having crazy adventures with my best friend Ray who is the greatest hacker in the world and helped me to uncover the secrets from the lost civilization of the Inkan Empire while we were hunting for the first volume of Phoenix in the National Library of Japan and after we were raid by secret ninja assassins from Yakuza from the FUTURE.

    What is your excuse?
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  • Stormtroopers all the way.
  • Where's the Boba Fett love?
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    I voted on this like a month ago.

    Screw you guys, Yoda ftw.
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  • I voted for Darth Maul.

    Just kidding.
  • I woulda' liked some Star Destroyers, but I voted for Stormtroopers.
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